Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prizes for JADE HILLS 2

We will have lucky draws and shooting competitions to give away all these awesome prizes!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jade Hills 2 Volunteer Registration Form


1. When is this event?

December 6, 2014

2. Where is this event?

At Jade Hills, Kajang. Location map here:

3. What time must I be there?

You should be on site by 8am for registration. The event will end at 6pm. You may leave earlier. :)

4. Where can I register?

You may register online on this link:

Registering online gives you 5 more chances for the lucky draw!

5. What kind of blasters may I bring?

You may bring any blasters that shoot foam darts under 100 FPS.

Your blaster should not have illegal attachments which are sharp and may hurt someone.

6. Do I need to bring my own darts?

No you do not need to bring your own darts.

7. How old must I be to play in this event?

You must be above 12 years of age to play without supervision. Players under 12 but above 8 are allowed provided the parent or guardian is also in the game.

8. Is this event a competition?

No this event is not a competition. However, there will be opportunities to win prizes in lucky draw, shooting contests, and obstacle courses.

9. What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is RM15, payable to Maybank 1148 4206 5038 (Please whatsapp / sms 0126728900 with the time and date of your transfer)

There will be lunch vouchers for sale also on event day, for convenience purposes.

9. How can I be a volunteer?

You can register as a volunteer here:

10. Is there any limit on the amount of ammo or blasters I can carry into the game?


11. Are shields allowed? Can I make my own shields?

Shields are allowed in the game. Any size is allowed, constructed from rigid materials. Shield carriers may not have blasters in hand. Shield must be flat on the ground before blasters may be used.

Shields may be destroyed by Missile-type projectiles.

12. What counts as a tag?

  Any hit on any body part, clothing, or blaster connected to the body of the player. Ricochets do not count.

13. Is melee allowed?
Melee is strictly prohibited.

Melee using foam weapons is allowed in HvZ. Melee hits only allowed on limbs.

14. What happens if I break the rules during the game?

First offense: verbal warning from referee
Second offense: ejection from game
third offense: Ejection from event (banned from playing)

15. Am I allowed to pick up darts on the ground?

Yes you are allowed to pick up darts from the ground. However, only "live" players are allowed to do so. If a player is "dead", not allowed.

Friday, August 29, 2014

NERFMALAYSIA v JADE HILLS 2 Registration form


Updated 13th Sept 2014

Date: December 6, 2014
Time: 830am - 530pm
Entry Fee: RM15 per player
Lunch vouchers will be sold ( < Rm15 per person)

If you register online, lucky draw entries increased to 5!

If you have made payment online, thank you very much, Please bring your transfer or bank-in slip!!!

At the moment, 35 players from NERFMALAYSIA side have registered! Jade Hills estimates they'll be fielding about the same number. :)

Make sure you bring your banners and flags! Who will be in command? :)




Game Modes: Checkpoint / H v Z


Volunteer registration:


Lucky Draw
Shooting Range
Biathlon time trial.
We're going back to take the hill.

Videos from Jade Hills 1

Friday, April 11, 2014


League Table

Upcoming Matches


Coming to you LIVE from NERFMALAYSIA


FREE Registration open now (11 / 4 / 2014)

12 teams. 

66 matches.

Only one champion. 

Current Status here.

Details at a glance:


1) Maximum members 6, 3v3 combat.

2) Best of 5 matches (subject to change)

3) Capture the Flag, Team DeathMatch, or Dart Tag game modes.

4) Only blasters with stock mechanics or electronics are allowed.

5) Games will start once 12 teams are successfully registered.

6) Night games are possible (under review)

7) nominal fees to be paid to referees if required by referees.

8) League Champion will be recognized on as CHAMPION

9) No Melee, no shields. blaster hits count. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nerf Sonic Ice Retaliator Review by Awesomely Nerf!

It's been a long time since I've sat down and write a review...and I'm glad to do that now. The blaster I'm reviewing in this post will be the Sonic Ice Retaliator. The Retaliator, along with the Hailfire and Rampage, were the debuting blasters of the Elite line back then in 2012. Just a year ago, Nerf released all three of these blasters in the Sonic Ice subline. This line featured blasters in translucent blue shells-so you can see their guts!
This review is written by Awesomely Nerf. Enjoy!

The Sonic Ice Retaliator has a really nice colour scheme. In my opnion, it's one of the best which Nerf has ever released. But the price for a Sonic Ice  blaster is more expensive than the regular ones. I'd only pay about $10 more for this 'upgrade'. Anything more than that is a no no for me. 

The Retaliator's box boasts ' 4 Blasters In 1!'.  I think this has misled a lot of people into thinking that there are four blasters in the box. Please note that there is only ONE blaster in the box. And FOUR other parts( Stock, Barrel, Grip, Clip). 

The white and grey parts of the blasters are painted-they're not molded plastic. Out of the box, there are a number of noticeable scratch marks on the painted areas. Other than those flaws, I think overall the blaster looks really good.
The Retaliator uses a handle at the top of itself as it's priming mechanism. Comparing to a pump action grip, this loses out in terms of rate of fire. Also, if you're trying to prime very quickly, chances are your hands might slip of the handle. 
But the good thing about this priming handle is that it's pretty large. So users with larger palms should not be able to use it without encountering much problems.
I would like to point out that there is a tactical rail on top of the priming handle. Many Nerfers, including myself, do not put attachments on that tactical rail as it slows down the rate of fire even more. 

Original slow rate of fire + attachment on top = Super slow rate of fire.   No thank you :P

 The Retaliator's main handle feels great. My hand has a perfect fit on it. The trigger is pretty really responsive,and I like it. Do note that below the handle, there is a 'secret slot' for you to put an extra dart. And beside there is a sling point for you to put bandolier straps or other slings.
The clip release switch is placed at both sides of the Retaliator, at a convenient position. Once the priming handle is pulled back, and the clip release switch is pulled back, the clip ejects by itself. So drum users, do take note of that. You couldn't want your drum mag to smash on the ground ;)

 At the back of the Retaliator, where the stock adapter is, is a lil' peak hole. Also known as the priming indicator.  When the blaster is primed, the hole will turn from black space, to an orange piece of plastic. It's basically just the Retaliator's plunger rod moving backwards.
A pretty cool feature :)

 The Retaliator's jam door is located under the priming handle.So it can only be opened when the the priming handle is primed backwards.The jam door is a flip-up style' jam door.I'd prefer it to be a 'slide open' one though. In my opinion, I feel that the jam clearing area is too small. Either that or my fingers are just fat. :P

The Stock

The Retaliator comes with a stock. Which is detachable.  I've seen many negative comments about this stock being too short. I think it might be a bit short, BUT it is comfortable in my opinion. So overall, I think this is a great stock. Furthermore, it is an original design and looks sweet. :)

The Grip
The next part of the Retaliator which I'll be reviewing is the grip. This grip is nicely designed, with great aesthetics and ergonomics. My hand can have a firm grip on it.The grip has a pretty tight fit on the tactical rail,thus it doesn't shake.
Fun fact: The grip is also an accessory with a new design! :D

The Barrel

The Recon Barrel, *cough*, I mean Retaliator's barrel, is ALMOST identical to the Recon's one. Funny thing is, it uses the same mold as the Recons! Anyway, the reason why I said almost, is because the Retaliator's barrel has rifling.The rifling does not help to improve the Retaliator's accuracy though-it's just there for show. The barrel has a flip up sight a the tip, and it has two tactical rails. One above, and one below.


Last but not least, the 12 dart clip. Some find the 18 dart clip too big, while others find 6 dart clips too small. And many find this perfect- the 12 dart clip!
The Nerf 12 dart clip debuted with the Retaliator, and then it came with the Elite Alpha Trooper(gotta get that one day!). It has a really nice detailed design. It is half opaque and half transparent. Nerf did a really good job in designing this clip. Kudos to them!

Additional Pictures 

Grey Trigger Retaliator Side by Side with the Sonic Ice Retaliator
Original Retaliator with Sonic Ice Retaliator Attachments

Time for my conclusion! The Retaliator is a great improvement of the N-Strike Recon. It definitely has modding potential, but as is this is a blog about stock blasters, I'll try not to talk about mods. It is very tacti-cool, and can use stocks, attachments, and barrels. In my opinion, it's one of the more accurate blasters, and it features the elite ranges. Do I recommend this blaster? Yes! For it's price, this blaster is great for beginners! :)Stock Range:10/10   (45ft-75ft PTG)
Rate Of Fire:7/10

Personal Rating:8.5/10  Great Blaster!

Hope you guys found this informative

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Awesomely Nerf's Stock War Load-out V1

Hey guys,it's Qi here from the blog Awesomely Nerf.Today's post will be a review of my Stock war load-out.
Exactly a month ago,I posted about my stock war load-out.That was just an introduction of what I'd use.
Recently,I managed to war test the load-out,and here's the review.
Do take some time to view the video before reading on.

In the video,I said I would bring...
  • Stryfe
  • Retaliator Stock
  • Spectre Barrel
  • Elite Pinpoint Sight [Replaced with my War Camera Mount Instead*]
  • Stampede Bipod [Replaced with the Retaliator's Assault grip Instead*]
  • Two 18 dart clip, One 12 dart clip [Replaced one 18 dart clip with a 6 dart clip*]
  • Firestrike [I lent it to my friend*]
  • Tactical Vest 
  • Bandolier Strap
  • Small Bag for used clips [Replaced with a pouch]
Primary (Stryfe)

-It has a good Rate Of Fire
-The has good range,compared to N-Strike blasters
-Doesn't jam frequently

-I had a jam that was so bad, that 4-5 darts got stuck in the barrel.

So as you can see,the Stryfe did it's job well. It's a great primary,and I had no regrets using it. 

Secondary (Firestrike)
I did not managed to use the Firestrike in my load-out as I borrowed it to my friend.However,believe that the Firestrike would make a good secondary blaster.It has a low rate of fire,but it's accuracy is definitely there.


To be honest, I am better of using just the pouch to hold my ammo. I feel that it was unnecessary to use the tactical vest when I only need it to hold 3 clips.Therefore,if I am going to remake my load-out, the tactical vest might probably be out of my list.

Entire Loadout

-Good choice of blasters
-Rate of fire for Stryfe
-Precision for Firestrike

-Tactical Vest makes me perspire a lot.
-Not enough ammo for spammers (like me.haha)

Do I recommend this load-out? Yes.
However,If I were you,I would tweak it a little. 
  • Bring more ammo
  • Replace both the Tactical Vest and small bag with a pouch
If you've done that,you're good to go. I really enjoy using this load-out and I highly recommend it for stock wars.Check out a post I made last year about how to choose your load-out.

Also,do check out my war video.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 26, 2013

ToysRus hit fans with a Styfe Double Darts pack

Thanks to James Holly for emailing this in and my buddy Mike over at Tactical Tag for this find-
Details as follow:
Our Price: $24.99