NERF Birthday Party / Events!

NERFTOUR is the organiser for the official NERFTOUR series of action packed NERF events, designed to be fun, safe, and rewarding at the same time!

We are very experienced and running NERF birthday parties that guarantee fun for kids and adults alike!

If you would like NERFTOUR to organise an event for you, and provide the necessary equipment and support, just email me at, or call me at 012-6728900

We can organise parties or NERF events from as little as 4 people, to a massive crowd of 200 participants.

Range of events include Dart Tag, Capture the Flag, NERF War, Base run, and many more! Ages from 6 years and up! :-)

A typical party of 15 kids will start from RM700. Please email us so that we can give you a detailed quote!

We do expect the client to provide suitable location.

You just have to call us, and we'll be there.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.


To see what we can do or have done, you can check out the videos and photos from previous NERFTOUR events under the MEDIA tab. 

participants starting to use even the decor to get an edge in NERF battle!