NERFTOUR is a series of Community NERF Tournaments organised for the benefit of NERF enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

Supported by NERF Community Malaysia @ Facebook, www.saxmalaysia.com, & www.nerfu.simpleet.com, and Hasbro Malaysia. 
The objective of these events is to promote healthy competition and values such as teamwork, discipline, physical training, and fortitude among NERFers.


Brien Chia (012-6728900, nerfmalaysia@gmail.com)
Founder and visionary of NERFMALAYSIA. Handles most of the admin work and NERF orders / inquiries. 

Don Harris
Resident paintmaster and mod master for NERF. His art is fantastic! 

Jason Chia
NERFTOUR 3-time champion, the go-to guy for tactics, skills, blaster training. 

Daniel Chan
Invaluable help in adminstration and organising of NERFMALAYSIA events.