Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jade Hills 2 Reminder

Remember for Jade Hills 2 (2 weeks away!!)
registration open from 745am, briefing 830am we start games at 9am sharp. If you come late, you can still play, just register and let a marshall assign you. We will have a lunch break at 1230. resume at 2 until 6pm.
There are 5 special powers:
You can bring as large a piece of cardboard as you want for shield. However, it must be carried (no static bunker). Shield bearer can carry blaster and ammo but cannot shoot. tags on shieldbearer arms don't count. Shield bearer can only shoot if shield is flat on floor.

Shield breaker can use bigger projectiles (arrows or demolisher rockets) to distroy shield. Once shield is hit, shield-bearer loses life and drop shield. If shield bearer is hit, shield MUST drop on floor (ghost cannot carry shield). dropped shield may be picked up by anybody.

Medic has the power to restore lives. Each will carry a pack containing the team's lives. players who have lost their lives (ghosts) can go to a medic and get a new life. If a medic is hit, he CANNOT give himself new lives. another medic must revive him. If a medic is hit, he must drop the medic bag (or pass to a ref). He can only recollect the medic bag once revived. If all medics on a team are hit, then that team can not longer revive. Medic bags cannot be stolen.

Zombie (for zombie games)
Zombies are like ghosts, but they can make players become ghosts. Zombies may convert human players by taking their hats. zombies not allowed to run. zombies may respawn at any zombie respawn point. zombies can organize. headshots DO NOT kill zombies (for safety purposes). Shoot their arms, legs or body. if a zombie is hit by a headshot, he's allowed to run!

Melee (for zombie games)
players may use foam based melee weapons for zombie defense. hitting head is not allowed (zombie does not die, gains running power). melee weapons must pass inspection by ref.

All blasters less than 100fps. Command and control is up to the teams.

we will try our best not to split existing units (so if you come in a team of 3, we will try not to split your unit). Teams will be split by age first, then by blaster type.

We encourage bringing your own flags and colors or armor.
Let's play fair.
Who will take the hill?!
P.S: trial run is 30th November 2014 at 10am @ Jade Hills. Please feel free to come and take a look at the battlefield.

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