Monday, September 15, 2014


1. When is this event?

December 6, 2014

2. Where is this event?

At Jade Hills, Kajang. Location map here:

3. What time must I be there?

You should be on site by 8am for registration. The event will end at 6pm. You may leave earlier. :)

4. Where can I register?

You may register online on this link:

Registering online gives you 5 more chances for the lucky draw!

5. What kind of blasters may I bring?

You may bring any blasters that shoot foam darts under 100 FPS.

Your blaster should not have illegal attachments which are sharp and may hurt someone.

6. Do I need to bring my own darts?

No you do not need to bring your own darts.

7. How old must I be to play in this event?

You must be above 12 years of age to play without supervision. Players under 12 but above 8 are allowed provided the parent or guardian is also in the game.

8. Is this event a competition?

No this event is not a competition. However, there will be opportunities to win prizes in lucky draw, shooting contests, and obstacle courses.

9. What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is RM15, payable to Maybank 1148 4206 5038 (Please whatsapp / sms 0126728900 with the time and date of your transfer)

There will be lunch vouchers for sale also on event day, for convenience purposes.

9. How can I be a volunteer?

You can register as a volunteer here:

10. Is there any limit on the amount of ammo or blasters I can carry into the game?


11. Are shields allowed? Can I make my own shields?

Shields are allowed in the game. Any size is allowed, constructed from rigid materials. Shield carriers may not have blasters in hand. Shield must be flat on the ground before blasters may be used.

Shields may be destroyed by Missile-type projectiles.

12. What counts as a tag?

  Any hit on any body part, clothing, or blaster connected to the body of the player. Ricochets do not count.

13. Is melee allowed?
Melee is strictly prohibited.

Melee using foam weapons is allowed in HvZ. Melee hits only allowed on limbs.

14. What happens if I break the rules during the game?

First offense: verbal warning from referee
Second offense: ejection from game
third offense: Ejection from event (banned from playing)

15. Am I allowed to pick up darts on the ground?

Yes you are allowed to pick up darts from the ground. However, only "live" players are allowed to do so. If a player is "dead", not allowed.

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