Friday, April 11, 2014


Coming to you LIVE from NERFMALAYSIA


FREE Registration open now (11 / 4 / 2014)

12 teams. 

66 matches.

Only one champion. 

Current Status here.

Details at a glance:


1) Maximum members 6, 3v3 combat.

2) Best of 5 matches (subject to change)

3) Capture the Flag, Team DeathMatch, or Dart Tag game modes.

4) Only blasters with stock mechanics or electronics are allowed.

5) Games will start once 12 teams are successfully registered.

6) Night games are possible (under review)

7) nominal fees to be paid to referees if required by referees.

8) League Champion will be recognized on as CHAMPION

9) No Melee, no shields. blaster hits count. 

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