Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Awesomely Nerf's Stock War Load-out V1

Hey guys,it's Qi here from the blog Awesomely Nerf.Today's post will be a review of my Stock war load-out.
Exactly a month ago,I posted about my stock war load-out.That was just an introduction of what I'd use.
Recently,I managed to war test the load-out,and here's the review.
Do take some time to view the video before reading on.

In the video,I said I would bring...
  • Stryfe
  • Retaliator Stock
  • Spectre Barrel
  • Elite Pinpoint Sight [Replaced with my War Camera Mount Instead*]
  • Stampede Bipod [Replaced with the Retaliator's Assault grip Instead*]
  • Two 18 dart clip, One 12 dart clip [Replaced one 18 dart clip with a 6 dart clip*]
  • Firestrike [I lent it to my friend*]
  • Tactical Vest 
  • Bandolier Strap
  • Small Bag for used clips [Replaced with a pouch]
Primary (Stryfe)

-It has a good Rate Of Fire
-The has good range,compared to N-Strike blasters
-Doesn't jam frequently

-I had a jam that was so bad, that 4-5 darts got stuck in the barrel.

So as you can see,the Stryfe did it's job well. It's a great primary,and I had no regrets using it. 

Secondary (Firestrike)
I did not managed to use the Firestrike in my load-out as I borrowed it to my friend.However,believe that the Firestrike would make a good secondary blaster.It has a low rate of fire,but it's accuracy is definitely there.


To be honest, I am better of using just the pouch to hold my ammo. I feel that it was unnecessary to use the tactical vest when I only need it to hold 3 clips.Therefore,if I am going to remake my load-out, the tactical vest might probably be out of my list.

Entire Loadout

-Good choice of blasters
-Rate of fire for Stryfe
-Precision for Firestrike

-Tactical Vest makes me perspire a lot.
-Not enough ammo for spammers (like me.haha)

Do I recommend this load-out? Yes.
However,If I were you,I would tweak it a little. 
  • Bring more ammo
  • Replace both the Tactical Vest and small bag with a pouch
If you've done that,you're good to go. I really enjoy using this load-out and I highly recommend it for stock wars.Check out a post I made last year about how to choose your load-out.

Also,do check out my war video.

Thanks for reading!

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