Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nerf Powerplay 2013 Carnival in Singapore

Hello NERF MALAYSIA readers! AwesomeNerfer1999 here!

 Original post can be found here.From the 17th-23rd of June,the Nerf Powerplay 2013 will take place at NEX,Singapore. The Nerf Powerplay 2013 is an event organized by Hasbro Singapore.It consists of a carnival and a Dart Tag Tournament.The carnival will take place on the 17th-20th of June,while the tournament will take place on the 21th-23rd of June.
Just now,I went to this event,just to take some pictures for this post.So here it goes...

 There were some display booths at the carnival.These booths are basically just four walls.Each wall represent one line of blasters.On every wall,there are a few blasters proudly hung up,along with some product information.

Note: There was NO wall featuring/promoting the N-strike blasters.Are the N-Strike blasters really going to be phased out? 

 What's a carnival without games?
At this event,there are 4 booths for people to play games at.

Booth 1 rules:
-Shoot down 3 targets/iron man figurines 
-Ammo count,12
-Complete the task to get a free key chain
The next booth is similar to the first one.(Actually,all the booths are similar. LOL)
Booth 2 rules:
-Shoot down 2 targets
-Ammo count,6
-Complete the task to get a free key chain

Booth 3 and Booth 4 are the same thing.If you remember,they're actually from the Elite Try Outs that we've seen in September last year.Post here.
Booth 3 and 4 Rules:
-Get a total of 10 points
-Top role of targets,5 points each.
-Bottom role of targets,2 points each.
-Ammo count,6
-Complete task to get a free sweatband(for your wrist)

So this is it.This,is the carnival.Nothing really fantastic,but it isn't that bad.I had quite some fun,and managed to win a keychain+sweat band.

By the way,I'll be going back to the Powerplay event on the last day.So expect more post coming.Also,Spectre review coming soon.Check out my pics and unboxing of it here.


Picture time!

Game Booths

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