Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nerf AR App updates - a long way to go to be awesome.

Hey guys, the Nerf Elite AR Cradle has been seen around the net (thanks to Baidu!), and I've managed to pick up some Nerf updates for you fans! So what's new? Check below:
  • You will be able to access Nerf HQ
  • Review Mission Briefs
  • Track your Arsenal and more in your Battle Headquarters
  • Activate Rangefinder: gauge distance to your target!
  • Record your Battle! Share it with friends, and more!
  • Internet connection required to download and update App (data charges may apply)
  • Internet connection not needed during play
  • Users should ensure they're using the same version App

Now this is ONLY available for iPhone and iPod Touch - no Android version yet (bummer since all my friends use Android and not one Apple qtf..)

Also I got to say, whilst this is early days of the info, it leaves any AR App gamers wanting more - a lot more. Check out what goodies the Tek Recon App has to offer [here] and [here].

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