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Exclusive interview with Tek Recon, pics and more!

Wow, where do I start?? The beginning is usually a good place...

Tek Recon CEO Brad Pedersen & I rock the Hammerhead & Havok

Ok so as promised, below is an interview with Tek Recons Todd Anderson - whom I had the pleasure to spend most of the day with. I shared much of your feedback directly to him, and he noted it down on his "List of Important Notes".
I have to say, there is something special about this team, they were so personable, down to earth and so friendly - a good laugh to be around. They were so passionate about this product, and I could see it every time they spoke about it to potential Distributors and Retail Representatives. Enjoy:


^Above is the pledge package many of you will be receiving in the next 30 days - before general retail release which is marked for August. So! what comes in the Hammerhead Battle Pack? let me give you the run down:

2x Hammer Head Blasters
30x NRG pcs
2x NRG Cartridges
2x Exploding Tek Targets
2x Smart Phone Mounts
1x QR (Quick Response) GPS flag
MSRP: $49.99

The Quick Response (QR) GPS Flag
Exploding Tek Target

One of the POS (Point of Sale) units you should keep an eye out for in August!

These are a brilliant idea, mini POS for 25x NRG rounds that can be grabbed quickly at till points in case you need them and haven't got time to lose your place in the queue - or plain want to grab them as an add on sale before you leave the store. Handy, very handy! These will retail for $4.99 per pack.
These are the rounds/ammo that the Tek Recon blasters will be using. On average you will get several 1,000 uses out of each round, before any sign of deterioration starts to show. Given the name of NRG - No Mess, Reusable, Gamesafe, they give a massive edge over say foam ammo because they give an ammo capacity never seen before. Performance wise, you know when the round hits you, there is a noticeable tag when it hits the target. Range wise, it is the main component of reaching the said ranges of up to 75 feet. This is realistically achievable, IF gamers set the Calibration switch to 'Distance'. More on how this works later because it is THIS Calibration Switch that is the game changer!

1x Hammer Head Blaster
15x NRG pcs
1x Smart Phone Mount
MSRP: $19.99

(difficulty with YouTube right now, will upload my videos later)
Tek Recon Hammer Head - check out Urban Taggers E3 Expo coverage
Hammer Head refill Cartridge MSRP: $4.99
Loading these Cartridges are very easy, very straight forward and very quick. In battle you could carry 8 of these Cartridges for every 1x CS-18 Nerf clip. That payload is mind-blowing for any Nerf battle gamer or HvZ player to say the least.
There is an ambidextrous Cartridge release which allows rapid reload 
Boom - quick switch and good to go!
Tip from Brad Pedersen - You can add NRG rounds to the handle for extra grip!
1x Havok Blaster
36x NRG pcs
1x NRG Cartridge
1x Smart Phone Mount
MSRP: $34.99
(difficulty with YouTube right now, will upload my videos later)
This I guess is the flagship Blaster of the Tek Recon range. First off, I have to say this, you instantly feel the quality. It is a real hefty Blaster. There are literally no faux bolts or screw heads on the blaster. In fact it is full of Allen key bolts and screws, with real Phillips screws. I managed to take a brief shot of the internals, but the pics have not come off good enough to share them. I'm not entirely sure if this can be opened - I guess Mod community it's down to you to have a crack ;)
The mechanism, from what I could see, or understand - seemed to work on a series of sliding flat plate mechanisms. Kind of like how a Swiss Army Knife is stacked on top of each other. You get me folks? What I can confirm is that the mechanism is built for rapid fire. Full. Auto. Fire
Let your imagination run wild as to what is in store for all us TRibe back at camp. Get excited.
Real Recoil:
This has many people thinking that it is a gimmick, but I can assure you that the recoil is linked to the trigger mechanism. The Cartridge feed is part of the mechanism, as the recoil action chambers the next round. Unlike the Nerf Maverick, Strongarm blasters, you can't manually prime the blaster. You don't need to do that. This is where Tek Recon come in to their own, for supplying Stock blasters that genuinely offer us gamers the opportunity to dual wield without hassle of priming tricks.
Whether you dual wield or rock solo, you get a quality feel, a real feel of knowing you have an impressive product in your hands.
The Stock is very solid, very sturdy and adjustable for a variety of users. I match this to the Nerf Raider Stock - it's flawless and I'm glad that the Havok packs it. Oh did I mention.... it's removable??

Say HELLO to my little friend! How smexy would it be to dual wield this! :D
Pocket breaks it down John Woo style - my new man crush right now :D
Alright, what's next? The Game Changer at the Flip of a Switch!
"All hail MegaTekron!"

- Well, kinda :P

Whilst Nerf blasters have a lot of awesome tech in their mechanics and look, Tek Recon are winning over a lot of the Nerf Internet Community. From the aesthetics of the blasters, and after having a long play around and many a demo, for me I believe Optimus 'Nerf' Prime has met a respectable opponent. Let me tell you more about this Game Changing Calibration Switch:
This mechanism is on both the Hammer Head and the Havok. In the pic it is currently Calibrated to maximum 'Distance'. This effectively creates a Long Shot style rifle/pistol. Making use of the pump-action, you can pull off (after getting used to handling the blasters) effective, accurate, consistent long range pot shots. I was pretty stunned at how this little dude that flips the competition on it's head.
Simply put, the Havok turns into a long range rifle, the Hammer Head turns into an affective long range sidearm blaster. In the situation where you are low on ammo, this is an ideal way of conserving ammo and making every round count.
The blasters are both hardwired in semi-auto mode, I have to make that clear. But when you slide on over to the 'Rapid' Calibration, it's total....
-  ...Scarface moment :D
You can completely switch up your game style, adapt to the moment/situation. If you are required to play a Support role, 'Distance' is your friend. But if the situation requires you to form a Close Quarter Battle unit, then sliding over to the 'Rapid' changes both the Havok and the Hammer Head into complete beasts. The hail of fire you can lay down is awesome, and the Havok with it's massive capacity makes every user a potential threat on the battle field. Suited best to the trigger, you can match any stock full-auto/slam-fire Nerf blaster hands down.
I personally found myself using the Calibration Switch as an "all or nothing" measure - the slider in the middle just left me wanting. Once the rest of the TRibe get their hands on their pledge and retail release, you will understand what I mean better :)

SPEAKING of performance, I asked what the range nerfs would be for different territories like Hasbro products. Once the laughing stopped, they said that there will be absolutely no range nerf - why should gamers have any less experience than others playing with Tek Recon? It just wouldn't make sense when it came to tournaments. Mmmmmmh TOURNAMENTS xD  -- AWESOME :D
Tek Recon Havok refill Cartridge MSRP: $14.99

These folk at Tek Recon really did their homework. These Cartridges are really something special. The fact that you can pack your Havok with max capacity of 72 rounds you are something of a non stop blasting machine :) Hitting the battlefield vs any Nerf player - you can make fast work of a number of gamers and have ammo left to spare. If you start stacking these cartridges... then man, throw a bandana on and Rambo it up!! Knowing that you have such a massive capacity at your disposal with a reload of seconds (just flip the clip) and the fighting does not stop. Major kudos to the team for this, they let fans play longer without any painful downtime, or need to carry the latest molle5000.

The Smart Phone Cradle:

The cradle! There has been a lot of worry and rightful concern when it comes to popping in your Smartphone. Insurance or not, you don't want to be risking damage every time. Todd advised that Tek Recon will be recommending the TRibe make use of a protective casing when using their phones in battle (we all use something to that affect anyway). More on this later, but here is the unit:

Once the teeth are locked in on the cradle, the smartphone is locked in place securely. You really have to apply a deal of pressure to undo the locked teeth in either way.
The difference between the Nerf AR cradle and Tek Recon is that the Nerf unit offers a very solid - but limited smartphone fitting. The Tek Recon unit is put together in a smart way that it offers much the same protection but allows a wider fitting of smartphone (iPhone up to Galaxy S4!!!).
I highlighted the fact fans had an issue with dropping the blaster with a smartphone in them. Todd put his own iPhone in the cradle, mounted it on the Hammer Head and dropped the unit. The Blaster itself is weighted, it landed safely with the iPhone intact. Fans should note they are in process of adding claws on the sides of the cradle to further protect and secure the smartphone.
The Free downloadable App:
The Tek Recon App will not be something you can use with Nerf blasters, for the simple reason that there it requires hammer that mimics human input. What's on show? We get powerups, scopes, sound effects, and game types, ability to take in battle snaps, track top world player rankings, and more. 
There will be a main central game server, that hosts preselected timed games (15mins, 20mins,+++). Once players are in the lobby, selected which teams they will be on (they will be able to handle up to 50 players), they are all thrown in to the game. It should be noted, that once the gamers are in, no one can join later. Is that going to be a massive problem...? Perhaps if a friend turns up late and is locked out. So what happens? Everyone drops out of the game, and recreate a fresh game? Should a game be idle, I understand the server will drop the game itself which is a good thing for gamers to avoid lag and latency.
Battery drain is simply down to your smartphone using 3g/WiFi/4g and what ever other processes you might have running. Pretty much everything is server side, which is a brilliant idea. Once the game launches, it is all server side so no worry as mentioned of the Host dropping, or such related issues.
Game types:
Team Supremacy
(difficulty with YouTube right now, will upload my videos later)
This is very much part of the Tek Recon gaming experience, and I have to say that this adds something special. So what do you get?

You also get the option to take in battle snaps at 2 simple finger taps. You can get powerups from Drone Strike (1shot kill - takes the player clean out of the game), Medic (resurrects Droned players), Comms Hacker (listen to enemy strategy), GPS-Hacker (interrupt enemy GPS - block Nukes, Scope zoom in your direction, etc), and a number of other quirky game changers. Players must carefully pick their Powerup, and use their skills wisely. Twists no blaster games have had to date.

IF you do not see a Powerup you want to see, get straight to Tek Recons FB page, and let them know what you want to see, or even your ideas. These folks are bang on feedback, and are taking everything into consideration to help mould and create a product for fans by fans!

Additional accessories and fun stuff:
This was really fun to shoot at - would you buy one? Let them know on FB!

Clear frame Tek Vision

Other Accessories? According to Todd, there is a lot in the works for Year 2. Whilst I can't say what those are, we are in for a treat from Scopes, Holsters, TacVests, and Slings (apparently there IS a way to add them - I can't see where!)

I have to say that I am impressed with how much thought has gone into the product and services available thru the App.

I did discuss the opportunity of an official Tek Recon tournament, there are plans in the works, but folks if you want it to happen - get on their FB page and TELL them!!!

No company right now is providing us with any kind of official tournament, we have so much power, and they are willing to listen to what we want. Lets make it happen!

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