Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Awesomely Nerf's Stock War Load-out V1

Hey guys,it's Qi here from the blog Awesomely Nerf.Today's post will be a review of my Stock war load-out.
Exactly a month ago,I posted about my stock war load-out.That was just an introduction of what I'd use.
Recently,I managed to war test the load-out,and here's the review.
Do take some time to view the video before reading on.

In the video,I said I would bring...
  • Stryfe
  • Retaliator Stock
  • Spectre Barrel
  • Elite Pinpoint Sight [Replaced with my War Camera Mount Instead*]
  • Stampede Bipod [Replaced with the Retaliator's Assault grip Instead*]
  • Two 18 dart clip, One 12 dart clip [Replaced one 18 dart clip with a 6 dart clip*]
  • Firestrike [I lent it to my friend*]
  • Tactical Vest 
  • Bandolier Strap
  • Small Bag for used clips [Replaced with a pouch]
Primary (Stryfe)

-It has a good Rate Of Fire
-The has good range,compared to N-Strike blasters
-Doesn't jam frequently

-I had a jam that was so bad, that 4-5 darts got stuck in the barrel.

So as you can see,the Stryfe did it's job well. It's a great primary,and I had no regrets using it. 

Secondary (Firestrike)
I did not managed to use the Firestrike in my load-out as I borrowed it to my friend.However,believe that the Firestrike would make a good secondary blaster.It has a low rate of fire,but it's accuracy is definitely there.


To be honest, I am better of using just the pouch to hold my ammo. I feel that it was unnecessary to use the tactical vest when I only need it to hold 3 clips.Therefore,if I am going to remake my load-out, the tactical vest might probably be out of my list.

Entire Loadout

-Good choice of blasters
-Rate of fire for Stryfe
-Precision for Firestrike

-Tactical Vest makes me perspire a lot.
-Not enough ammo for spammers (like me.haha)

Do I recommend this load-out? Yes.
However,If I were you,I would tweak it a little. 
  • Bring more ammo
  • Replace both the Tactical Vest and small bag with a pouch
If you've done that,you're good to go. I really enjoy using this load-out and I highly recommend it for stock wars.Check out a post I made last year about how to choose your load-out.

Also,do check out my war video.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 26, 2013

ToysRus hit fans with a Styfe Double Darts pack

Thanks to James Holly for emailing this in and my buddy Mike over at Tactical Tag for this find-
Details as follow:
Our Price: $24.99

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elite Spectre Review

 Welcome! This is the Spectre review that many of you have been waiting for.Today,I'll be reviewing (obviously) the Elite Spectre! Out of the box,you'll get the Elite Spectre, a barrel extension, a shoulder stock,5 elite darts,and an instruction manual.
 This blaster was first release in Singapore at the Nerf Powerplay 2013 event,which carnival/tournament organized by Hasbro Singapore.It cost 36.90 Singapore Dollars.As for now,I know that the Elite Spectre will be available in Australia and America in the future.

Just for your information: Many people who bought the Elite Spectre have faced problems with the Spectre's rotating mechanism-even me myself.But lucky for me,I managed to exchange mine for a new unit.Which worked better overall.

The Elite Spectre,surprisingly has the same name as the N-Strike one.Here are some similarities between the two of them...
  • Name:Spectre Rev-5
  • Cost:36.90 Singapore Dollars
  • Size:Measured from the front to the back of the blaster
  • Rotating Mechanism
  • Comes with the same accessories.Just a different colour scheme

Here's the size comparisson of the Elite Spectre,N-strike Spectre,and Elite Strongarm.All three blasters come have almost the same size.

Missing in the picture is a Maverick. Essentially, the three blasters pictured on the left including the Maverick, are really similar.

 Loading this blaster is simple as ABC.Press the orange button on the left side of the blaster,tilt your blaster to the left,and the barrel will drop out. You then load a maximum of 5 darts into the dart chambers.I feel that the orange button is a little too difficult to press down,which is especially annoying when trying reload on the fly.

 Not that the new AR system that was originally introduced in the Strongarm can be found in the Spectre too.This AR system only makes use of 1 Air Restrictor. And because the ARs are not in the barrel anymore,the designers reduced the size of the barrel,making it shorter.
Some of you might be asking if the rotating mechanism is like the Strongarm. Sorry to disappoint you,but no.The rotating mechanism is the same as the original Spectre. It only rotates when you prime the blaster.

 The priming handle on the Elite Spectre is of a reasonable size.It fits my hand alright.But for users with larger hands,I think it'll be a different story.

 Just like the N-Strike Spectre,there is a hole at the stock attachment piece.When the blaster is not primed,you'll be able to see the inside of the blaster.But when it is,a orange piece will appear.
 The handle of the Spectre feels great.It's feels very sturdy,and doesn't make any funny  noises.Maybe it's just me,but in my opinion I feel that the Spectre's trigger is a little too long.Making me need to use more effort just to pull the trigger. 

There's a sling point at the bottom of the Elite Spectre's handle.You'll be able to put slings on there,such as the Bandolier strap.

  The Spectre is another tacti-cool blaster.It's a blaster you would want to have if customization means a lot to you.It has one tactical rail,a stock attachment point,and a barrel extension point.

I believe that the barrel extension is a repaint too.There's no rifling though it doesn't really matter).Overall,I think that the barrel extension looks really nice.I just feel that a white stripe where my finger is pointing at in the picture above,should be painted there :D

Picture of the Elite Spectre's shoulder stock
Picture of the handle of the Elite Spectre
 Wait...whattttt?Am I playing with an Elite blaster or an N-strike blaster?
As you can see from the pictures above,the shoulder stocks were clearly just a re-paint!Well,I would appreciate it if they could use molds with the Elite logo. Then again,this isn't really a big issue.

 So one of  the very special things about the Spectre is it's shoulder stock.It's a fold-able one.An a very flimsy one. Tacti-cool?Yes.But not really war useful.
How to 'fold' the stock
Step 1: Pull the main long piece back.You'll notice that the red colour sticker changes to grey colour plastic.
Step 2:Flip the stock to the right side.
Step 3:Push the stock backwards.You'll notice that the grey plastic turns into a red sticker. I said in my previous review on the N-strike Spectre that they should use ink instead of stickers.Nerf didn't use my suggestion.Oh well...

Overall,I think that the Elite Spectre is a descent blaster-nothing too fantastic.I didn't really make me go 'wow!'.I guess because it's just a copy of the N-strike Spectre (Just with the Elite distance,new internals, new shell,and a new paint job).
If yours is not a lemon(mine isn't!),you should be able to get consistent range and accuracy(very accurate by the way!).My Spectre jams up from time to time,which can get me a little frustrated...
For me,the Spectre has a good rate of fire since my hands fit well on the priming handle.But if you're a user with a larger hand,your rate of fire might decrease if you are unable to have a good grip on the priming handle.

If you're a tacti-coolish person,and like to customize your blasters,this would be a fun blaster to play around with. But truthfully...if you want to bring this for a war as a secondary,I would recommend the Strongarm instead.I had a ton of fun with this thing though! :D Love messing around with all the funky combos.

Stock Range:9/10 40ft-75ft

Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Rating:8

Hope you guys find this review informative.Follow me to get updated whenever I post! :)
Check out my Elite Spectre Test-Fire and Elite Spectre Unboxing!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Nerf Elite Rebelle Guardian Crossbow - more to come!

Thanks to Yn Phua and AlQaeda64 for this - Here we go, thanks to Baidu, we see the boxart of the new Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow - more to come stay tuned!

So! The Rebelle Guardian Crossbow packs:
  • 6 collectible Elite darts,
  • Confirmed as part of the Elite range due to it's 75ft ranges
  • Has rapid slam-fire
  • Will cost: MSRP: $24.99
Official Sales Description:
(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $24.99/Available: Fall 13)

An impressive crossbow with fast-flying dart action and flexing bow arms, this NERF REBELLE Crossbow blends blaster action with crossbow precision. Slide the front handle to flex the bow arms back and ready the blaster for play. Pull the trigger and watch the bow arms propel forward as darts soar up to 75 feet toward the target. By holding the trigger and pumping, players can instantly transition between single shot and multi shot mode, unleashing a rapid stream of darts for exciting nonstop action! Includes six collectible NERF REBELLE darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and on

Nerf Powerplay 2013 Carnival in Singapore

Hello NERF MALAYSIA readers! AwesomeNerfer1999 here!

 Original post can be found here.From the 17th-23rd of June,the Nerf Powerplay 2013 will take place at NEX,Singapore. The Nerf Powerplay 2013 is an event organized by Hasbro Singapore.It consists of a carnival and a Dart Tag Tournament.The carnival will take place on the 17th-20th of June,while the tournament will take place on the 21th-23rd of June.
Just now,I went to this event,just to take some pictures for this post.So here it goes...

 There were some display booths at the carnival.These booths are basically just four walls.Each wall represent one line of blasters.On every wall,there are a few blasters proudly hung up,along with some product information.

Note: There was NO wall featuring/promoting the N-strike blasters.Are the N-Strike blasters really going to be phased out? 

 What's a carnival without games?
At this event,there are 4 booths for people to play games at.

Booth 1 rules:
-Shoot down 3 targets/iron man figurines 
-Ammo count,12
-Complete the task to get a free key chain
The next booth is similar to the first one.(Actually,all the booths are similar. LOL)
Booth 2 rules:
-Shoot down 2 targets
-Ammo count,6
-Complete the task to get a free key chain

Booth 3 and Booth 4 are the same thing.If you remember,they're actually from the Elite Try Outs that we've seen in September last year.Post here.
Booth 3 and 4 Rules:
-Get a total of 10 points
-Top role of targets,5 points each.
-Bottom role of targets,2 points each.
-Ammo count,6
-Complete task to get a free sweatband(for your wrist)

So this is it.This,is the carnival.Nothing really fantastic,but it isn't that bad.I had quite some fun,and managed to win a keychain+sweat band.

By the way,I'll be going back to the Powerplay event on the last day.So expect more post coming.Also,Spectre review coming soon.Check out my pics and unboxing of it here.


Picture time!

Game Booths