Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spectre Rev-5 Review

 Hey Awesome Nerfers,today I'll be reviewing a N-strike,the Spectre Rev-5.In the box,you'll get the Spectre itself,a barrel, a foldable stock,5 whistler darts,and an instruction manual.The Spectre looks very a like to the Maverick,however,it still does have quite a number of differences.
I'll kick the review of by talking about the Spectre itself,so lets put the stock and barrel aside.Now,the Spectre is actually pretty long for a pistol(slightly more than 12 inch),it's also very thin...I think it's the thinnest blaster I ever came across.
So like I said just now,the Spectre's full name is 'Spectre REV-5'.What does REV-5 stand for you may ask.REV stands for revolving blaster/revolver...and 5 stands for the amount of darts it can hold. 
So yeah,it has a revolving barrel.The barrel rotates whenever the blaster is primed.It holds 5 darts,and has a full barrel drop(So no barrel mods are required! yes!^^).
The barrel takes all darts,so Elite,Whistlers,Streamlines,Taggers,Suction Cup darts...all of them! 
To drop the barrel out,simply press the orange button and tilt the blaster to the left.This orange button is located on the left side of the blaster,which makes the blaster non-ambidextrous(downfall for lefties).
The Spectre is a rather tacti-cool blaster.Considering that it has stock and barrel attachment piece,and one tactical rail.The tactical rial is right above the rotating barrel,unlike the Maverick(the tactical rail is on the priming handle).This is good,as putting attachments on your blaster,will not disrupt you when priming(unless your using a Longshot scope...the Longshot scope is too long).
*I've put a couple of tacti-cool combos at the end of the review.*
 Every sidearm should have a sling point.I've repeat this sentence numerous times...and luckily,the Spectre does have one sling point.The bad thing abut this sling point is that it's kinda pointy.So people with larger hands might feel the pain when the sling point digs in to their hand.This does not affect me as my hands are not that big.
The Spectre's trigger is too long IMO.My fingers have to stretch quite a bit,just to pull the trigger.
I would like to bring up a point:The spectre's handle has some silver colour on it,which looks very nice...I like! :D
 If you look at the stock attachment piece,you'll notice that there's a hole.That's actually a priming indicator.When the blaster is not primed(top picture),you'll see the Spectre's guts.And when the Spectre is primed,the indicator turns orange(it's basically the plunger tube.)Cool,but not really useful.
Next,I'll talk about the barrel.This barrel looks REALLY cool!It reminds me of a silencer :3 Anyways,the inner diameter is pretty big,and the barrel is quite small.So the range is not really affected.If you wanna be tacti-cool and want your blaster to shoot far at the same time,I suggest that you use this barrel.

Now time for the conclusion... oh wait! I forgot the stock!This stock is foldable. I'll teach you how to fold it in the next paragraph.
Step 1: Pull the main long piece back.You'll notice that the red colour sticker changes to grey colour plastic.
Step 2:Flip the stock to the right side.
Step 3:Push the stock backwards.You'll notice that the grey plastic turns into a red sticker.

The stock is very wobbly.Much more wobblier than the Recon's stock.Also,I mentioned just now that the red sticker changes to grey colour plastic.Yes...sticker.I would prefer it if Nerf/Hasbro printed the 'lock sign' on the stock itself,rather than using stickers,since stickers come off a lot quicker than ink.

The end of the stock,where you rest your shoulder on is not really comfortable.It's very flat,it just needs a dent,and it would feel a lot more comfortable. 
Stock folded
Okay,now time for the conclusion. The blaster is getting decent ranges,as a normal N-Strike blaster.I would recommend it(main blaster and barrel only) for stock wars as a secondary blaster.It has good rate of fire,but runs out of ammo after 5 shots.I like the full barrel drop a lot^^.The barrel doesn't increase accuracy,but the good thing about it is that the range doesn't decrease much and it looks cool! :D I would not recommend the stock on any blasters.At least not for the Spectre. Simply because it's way too wobbly,and I hate the fact that it uses stickers.

Stock Range:8/10(30-35ft PTG)
Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Raiting:8.5/10

Thanks for reading! Original post can be found here.Check out my second,blog here.Happy new year everyone! :)

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