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Nerf N-strike Rayven Review

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This is my Rayven review,hope you enjoy! :)
 Hi guys today I'll be reviewing a really cool blaster!The Rayven Cs-18.The Rayven is part of the 'Light It Up' line,and is an N-strike blaster.The Rayven comes with along with a box,an instruction manual,a glow in the dark dart clip,and 18 glow in the dark streamline darts.
The Rayven is a electronic blaster and runs on four 'AA' batteries.The battery compartment is located on the right side of the blaster,and comes of easily with the help of a phillips head screw driver :D
You'll find two triggers on the handle.A big one,and a small one.The big one is the main trigger.When you pull it back,it fires a dart.The smaller trigger is the acceleration trigger.It revs up the flywheels.The flywheels are located near the jam door.
I find the main trigger kinda stiff,and a little hard to pull back.But this doesn't affect the rate of fire much...the rate of fire of the Rayven is still really good :)
Now,I'll talk about the jam door.The jam door is a 'flip up' type...I prefer the slide open type though.Anyways,once you open the jam door,the flywheels will stop revving up almost immediately.This is for your safety as your fingers will not get caught in the flywheels once they stop revving.The jam door has a couple of holes in it,this allows the glow in the dark 18 dart clip to shine some lights out of it,which is pretty cool.
The Rayven has two tactical rails and three sling points.One tactical rail is on the handle(right at the top of the Rayven),and the other one is on the right side of the blaster.
Now for the sling points.Two of them are near the stock,and the other one is at the front of the handle.
The Rayven has a barrel adapter too(I'm not sure about it's actual name),so that means you can put barrels on.My personal favourite barrel on the Rayven would be the Spectre's barrel! :D
 To release a clip/drum from the Rayven,you'll have to push a clip release button.The clip release button is behind the clip,which makes releasing most clips quick and easy(you can release the clip with one hand! ^^).

The Rayven can use any Nerf clips which holds streamline darts,6,12,18,25,35,all of them!However,I found some issues with the 6 dart  clip and drum mags in the Rayven.I'll start with the drum mag problem first.The drum mags tends to dig into your chest when you add pressure to your shoulder,which causes pain.So I wouldn't recommend you guys to use drum mags.As for the 6 dart clip problem,6 dart clips are very shot,so they are really hard to take out.If you look at the picture above,I think you'll understand what I'm saying :P

 Now lets move on to the glow in the dark clip.The glow in the dark clip holds 18 darts,and is grey in colour. This is 'the thing' which makes the glow in the dark darts glow.
 You'll need three 'AA' batteries to light up the clip.If you do not care about the 'light it up' function,you do not need to insert batteries into the clip :)
I love this logo! :)
 Once you're done inserting the batteries into the clip,you'll need to turn it On.Turning the clips' lights On is really easy.All you have to do is push the 'On and Off switch' to the right side,and you're done :) The clips' are light is located at the top of the clip,which gives of a luminous blue light.
 The Rayven's glow in the dark 18 dart clip,just like every other 18 dart clip,has rubber padding on the bottom of it.
 One problem I face when using the 18 dart clip is that there is only isn't any holes to allow you to estimate how many darts you have left,which can be really dangerous when you're in a war.
Note...the clip may be a little heavy when there are batteries inside it.
Here are some pictures of the Rayven and the darts in the dark.Just for your information,the darts will light up only for about 10 seconds,after that,the light they produce is VERY dim.

 Now for the conclusion! The Rayven is a really small blaster,and has a bullpup design.Although I like the bullpup design,the bullpup design reduces the range.The range of this blaster isn't fantastic,about 25ft with fresh batteries.Darts tend to fishtail and float too.The light it up feature is really cool,but I guess it isn't really useful when you're in a morning/afternoon war.I really like it's compactness,and I don't mind the noise of the flywheels(the flywheels aren't very noisy if you compare it to a barricade).Overall,I think this is a really cool blaster,it would be great for close range battles...but for long range ones? Forget it :/

Stock Range:7/10
Rate Of Fire: 10/10

Personal Rating:8/10

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