Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi again!

recently this blog hasn't been so active because of some financial issues. However, with a new cash injection, we are going to restart 2013 with a bang! Here are the policies for NERF purchases effective immediately!!

1) Guaranteed all new blaster prices at 10% off retail! 
2) Special rates for modding and painting!
3) TRADE-IN services: Get your kit upgraded! 
4) Bargain bin prices available for selected models!
5) Special rewards for repeat customers! 
6) Special discounts for new releases! 
7) Special rates for organizing NERF games at your own location! 


1) Will be starting a NERF school soon. Become powerful, fast, accurate! 

NERFMALAYSIA will revamp soon with a bang! 


new Elite blasters have officially launched in malaysia..!!! you can check out updates at NERFMALAYSIA soon! 

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