Saturday, April 7, 2012

NEW updates!

Ok, sorry it's been a while...I have been so busy on the work front, that this blog has been sady neglected...but fret not, things are still hot on the NERFMALAYSIA side of things! 

1) The Launch of the new NERF Rayven has been a blast! most stores are already sold out on the new blaster, which is fantastic!!! Finally, NERF fans have a close-quarters blaster with true semi auto action! 

NERFMALAYSIA sells Rayvens with the special offer of FREE refill pack of glow darts!! RM169.90 only!

2) Silently, Hasbro has been updating their blasters, which are getting more and more powerful, and less prone to jams. I would like to draw attention to the latest GEN 4 versions of the CS-6 Recon, CS-6 Deploy, and rev-6 Maverick, which are now more powerful than ever...shooting almost 60 FEET! 

Hasbro has definitely upgraded the springs and loading mechanisms...less jams, more firepower!

CS-6 Recon: shown here with Pinpoint Sight (not included)

CS-6 Deploy

NOTE:  Gen 4 Deploy, Maverick, and Recon currently only available via NERFMALAYSIA!

3) Also, Hasbro has recently launched a worthy replacement to the AS-1 Secretstrike: The NEW EX-1 Jolt. 

It's fantastic. seriously..shoots really far, really easy to use, and compact for those stealth tags you've always wanted! NERFMALAYSIA price RM16 only!

4) Hasbro plans to release new revamps of the recon and raider in Fall 2012, as well as a totally new blaster, and part of the ELITE series! check out the inside scoop here (courtesy of SGNERF)



5) NERFMALAYSIA would like to extend its full support to URBANTAGGERS in its current legal issues with Hasbro. You guys are like bros to us man...and Hasbro should realize that because of you they make more money. Also...leaks are their internal controls problem, not ours. 

6) Finally, news you have been waiting for!!


Currently NERFTOUR4 is scheduled for May June...and location is most likely to be Sunway University, to be jointly organized with the hard working committee of the Sun-U NERF stay tuned! 

Till next time...NERF or NOTHING.

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