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NERFTOUR 3 v2 writeup

Nerftour3 was a failure…the blasted weather blew every well laid plans to bits….but its reawakening wasn’t far. It was anticipated with coolness by teams, with dread by organizers but we all were sure that heck; it would be awesome. It had its critics, its failures but we all enjoyed the fast paced action present in all Nerf combat. Some say Nerf is for kids, the sheer simplicity of the guns and the vibrant colors were ‘not suitable’ for teenagers or adults who wanted mil-sims. They were wrong. On one fine day the return of Nerftour would turn alive with 21 teams, and over 300 people present. The places were set, the whistles blown and it began. This here is the full story of team SHOTS written from the perspective as a team leader, who with his team achieved victory through the difficulties and hardship, appropriate for any competition. DEDICATED to the people who made NERFTOUR 3 a success.

League Matches

Our first matches were well anticipated, all of the members had been waiting about half an hour just to get a piece of the action that was going on. We knew by experience that in the first few matches and the setup that stamina would determine the survivor of these stages. Our experience in past Nerftours strengthened our confidence as we went out to face our first opponents. Our training with each other had fused our “NERF fever” into an adrenaline rush that combined with the precision accuracy of the sniper, the stealth of our spec ops ducky, the cool yet aggressive princess and our overwhelming suppressive capabilities of our HHGG would lead us to smooth victories on our otherwise unprepared opponents who were playing in competition for the first times. However it is not without fear that we played our next matches as each league round for the unprepared teams identified those who could adapt to the challenge, and these “custom” teams showed great prowess and ability in defeating their fellow rivals. Seeming like forever, we reached the end of the group stage powering through those who could not adapt to the high speed, high pace, and heavy strain that is NERF. Kudos to RBT with their aggressive attacks with automatics overwhelmed the inexperienced and made it tough for us to win the point. As the other rounds finish, I made a quick analysis of all teams and found strengths in new teams however they were slow to realize them and when placed in a do or die situation, most were unable to do it. Too many matches to write about but 3 words suffice; IT WAS TOUGH.


After powering through the group stages, it was no surprise to see familiar faces of veteran teams who had proven themselves, each with their own style of play. New faces were present too and these would be the fight for survival to reach the pinnacle of NERFTOUR 3 v2, the championship. Every possibility was considered on the teams we might meet in our run for the finish, and here were the assessments made by me as the strategic analyst.

Commandos with their aggressive play which combined with their unstoppable Vulcan made life hard on those trying to stop it. Add that with a bullet magnet that repels them makes this team a deadly force to deal with

Pink, a new team however with a reputation of being the deadliest, led by the legendary Mr. Brien who in Nerftour:Survivor annihilated those who faced with twin AS-20s and this time supported by a trio of sibling who I am sure were quite attuned to each other allowing tactics to be utilized to their maximum

RBT, this aggressive team was rookie team in the beginning, but with 5 matches behind them; they were ready to destroy those in their way utilizing rushes and overpowering firepower.

Unknown; historically in Nerftour an unlucky team who had faced many troubles with weapons and unlucky picks of opponents had made it through with great determination under the leadership of genius Damian and his ace cousin; the wielder of the proton.

A.O.P, a new breed of players who in a sense epitomized youth and aggression channeled through the usage of plastic guns and foam.

Nerf Nerds represented the future generation of nerfers who would dominate the future of Nerf combat in Malaysia. Adapting fast they substituted lack of firepower with skills and leadership that allowed them to survive the group stages

Aborigines…memories of the close shave we had with their core members in Nerftour 1 under a different name (AWS) creates dread in my team as we foresaw this team as the greatest difficulty to overcome. Not only aggressive, their sharp pinpoint shooting combined with their rushers cut space to maneuver. I feel pity for those crushed by them without knowing who they were.


Shots vs Nerf Nerds
Nerf Nerds went up against us however with a confidence that seemed to reflect on what they got through to get where they were. We went against them, utilizing flank tactics and combined fire which would end up overwhelming their leader who was unable to rally his team back to a proper defense, therefore we crushed them.


Unknown vs Commandos
Unknown went up against seasoned veterans, and though they put up a reasonable fight, the hyper aggression of Commandos just outshot, outmaneuvered, and outplayed the competition. But Unknown went down fighting, an effort worth noting. Including the skills of their ace proton wielder.

Commandos 3-1 Unknown

Pink vs A.O.P.
Pink had a relatively easy run to the quarterfinals facing difficult with the more aggressive teams and here faced again what would seem to be their nemesis A.O.P. The aggression was well done, able to make the match a close one with the captain of PINK sniped out in the first few seconds of each match. However the aggressive A.O.P. lacked variety and their aggression ground to a halt as the timing of the reloads drained stamina. The collected Pink were able to halt their opponents in their tracks and cruise to a hard earned victory

Pink 3-1 A.O.P.

Aborigines vs RBT
A clash of the aggressors comprised of short matches full of rushes, rapid fire action as well as amazing stamina from both teams. However the match was decided on the stamina and ability of each player to keep up the high paced style of play they were playing against each other. This ultimately resulted in the more precise Aborigines overcoming the newcomers in a blitzing finish to this match of aggressors

Aborigines 3-1 RBT

Shots vs Commandos

In this matchup Shots armed with a 100 dart Vulcan and the Commandos with their twin super Vulcans, ammo would determine the winner; ammo for the ever hungry machine guns that would dominate the playing field and forcing shooters to dive for cover to escape its deadly stream of fire. Midway through the 3rd match…all vulcans ran dry, SHOTS through continued usage and Commandos, sadly because most of their whistlers had disappeared somewhere. This led to a standard shootout of rifle, daring flanks with rapid fire blasters such as the Quick 16 and the Raider quickly amounted to casualties on both teams. However my team was lucky with its defensive maneuvers and the jamming of Commandos rapidfire weapons. Their insane dodger probably dodged more bullets than anyone else and tagged her…HER fair share of my teammates. In the end the ‘ducky’ was able to sneak the victory to us again. Kudos to Commandos…nearly every round was a pain to win.

Pink vs Aborigines

My team watched this match intently to prepare strategies to combat the victor of this unique matchup. This match was between Pink, a tactical team that utilized cohesive movement versus Aborigines; a hyper aggressive one that combined precise shots with coordinated rushes that usually overwhelmed their opponents. Pink was shot down early in the match up unable to keep up with the supreme speed and aggression brought to the table by the Aborigines. However in the late stages of the matchup they were able to pull the score back to 2-2 even though Brien, again was tagged out early in most matches. Perhaps the triple combination of the siblings, able to communicate smoothly with each other were able to capitalize on slight errors of the Aborigines. However, with a twist to the Aborigine rush tactics in the last match, whereby they stopped and placed pressure instead of overrunning their opponent led to the demise of Pink and the legend….he isn’t invulnerable eh?

Finals between SHOTS and Aborigines

Damn, this was the toughest match for us yet in nerftour competition. Even though we anticipated meeting them in the finals; it was a surreal moment to finally stand in that hall and stare across at the dreaded team. Our tactics were based on one key point, the center of the map where a triple angled barrier would allow overwatch over the whole map. So an immediate rush for it to place our Vulcan on overwatch was what I thought to be a possibility….but their hyper aggression killed the plan instantly and we went down 1-0 like sheep to slaughter. A slight alteration to the plan allowed us to trap them in an ambush as they went past the middle into AS-20 fire resulting in a closely fought firefight ending in victory for us. (1-1) Repeat of the plan was a bad idea on the other side as the map was random and varied slightly from end to end. Princess’ gun jammed pulling one member out of the equation for the round and Ducky was sniped out. In the end we were cut down slowly to a 2v1 match. Cornered, it is hard to track 2 targets at once and so a standoff was on…until the 30 sec warning was shouted before I the sniper faced a full on assault on 90 degree angles….I hit Matthias of Aborigines at 40 ft but was tagged out by Thong Hiong from the side. Here the strain of a lot of nerf matches dawned and I barely pulled a standard rush for middle plan again…(weird that I forgot that it already failed once) but this time the Aborigines did not rush for the center. We got there and went into a big firefight but had to give way. Before I knew it we hit Joseph, their key command and Thong Hiong, basically two of their core and we were able to push them back to their base before scoring the win. (2-2) We thought it would be the final match and pulled the ace from the hole…the AS-20 yet again to try and seal it in one burst. The AS-20 worked tagging 1 out in the first 30 seconds but a brilliant rush by Joseph removed me and Matthew before he was stopped. The 2 v 2 combat then was a short standoff ultimately resulting in a draw as Ashley and Matthias simultaneously tagged each other out. (2.5-2.5 wtf) The final match…as a captain there wasn’t any super speech or whatever just a tired go for center to try and hold them off. Again the Aborigines moved slower, perhaps angling their rush? Or maybe they were just as tired as we were. At the center I was laying heavy suppressive fire downrange..but barricades are annoying when they are blindfired ACCURATELY. About 30 secs in this stalemate before a series of events happened. I got hit, Daniels flank got Matthias but he was tagged out by Hubert. Thong Hiong simultaneously tagged and was tagged out by Matthew in what was to be the fatal error. Joseph’s coordinated rush was halted by Ashley and she found herself facing Hubert in a 1v1 battle; a perfect mirror of the NERFTOUR 1 finals between SHOTS and AWS. Ashley was reloading…Hubert was jammed….you can guess the rest. To be honest this match had a lot to do with luck. A personal kudos to Aborigines…they scared the crap out of us and definitely a lot more others.


Nerftour 3 was another great event held by
Many thanks to Brien Chia Zi Hao and his crew for organizing and making it possible. Thanks also to the participants who showed up to battle. SUPER thanks to the Don Harris and Chan Daniel for their addictive lemonade. And also here are a few Nerfers that I would like to honor in this short but not comprehensive list. Why? Because I don’t know their names.


Hubert Wong from Aborigines (Terminator killing spree in the group stage)

Matthias Lu from Aborigines (NUFF SAID)

Joseph Wong from Aborigines (Super AGGRESSION in every match…unlimited stamina?)

Thong Hiong from Aborigines (Super aggression again….just scary you know?)

The little proton wielder from Unknown (PROTON skills that are unbeatable)

TEAM N-STRIKE for being able to pull 1 point from Aborigines.

Team O.K. and RBT the only fully adult teams (bring more :D)

Team Syamaizer who with 3 members were THIS close to the knockout stages (mercenaries)

All Members from team SHOTS…some of which are retiring…sadly

1)Daniel Chan (ducky)

2) Ashley Mah (Princess)

3) Matthew Lu (HHGG)

All the members and supporting crew of NERFTOUR 3
(Especially volunteers from Sun-U Nerf)

And……everyone who came…seriously I cannot remember who you are as this writeup is way delayed...To be honest I can remember a few more teams and people…but I think I mixed them up soo to not offend anyone I think you all are awesome and hopefully we can get Nerftour 4 going soon.


Jason Chia
Captain of Team SHOTS

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