Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nerftour 3 @ SKSS

Yo~ Wassup Nerfers!
8th of Jan 2012 was our Nerftour 3 V2 at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Selangor SKSS (USJ 4). The guest and contestant we are expecting was more than what we expected. There are 16 teams pre-registered online and including those that register on the spot, we have a total of 21 teams joined the competition. 

Among the veteran teams that joined in the fun were Commandos, SHOTS, Pink, but sadly Red Scarf did not join. I wonder why~ =)

Nerftour has been going on 2 times during the past : Nerftour 1 & Nerftour 2. SHOT's has been leading since the past nerftour, they were the Champions. What about Nerftour 3?? This time in Nerftour 3, Hasbro sponsored approximately RM4000 worth of prizes to be won. Isn't it GREAT? 
Items to be sale on the day and also prizes to be won~ 

This time, Nerftour 3 is running indoor games / competitions in the hall of SKSS. All of the setting for the competition arena was done the day before of the GAME. The hall was huge and it allows us to run 2 matches at the same time. There is also a target shooting competition, Q&A and also Lemonade for sale. Thanks to Daniel and Don for the first time ever, they came out with an idea selling refreshment juices to everyone that attend this event with just RM1 per cup. xD

In Nerftour, each team are competing with a group of 4 members. Either to capture the flag or to eliminate everyone in the opponent's team to win the game. The first to get 3 point of out the game WINS!!!

 A list of teams and score during the competition.
The 2 teams with the highest score in each group gets to proceed to the next round - quarterfinal. (marked in red in the pictures above). 

As the game starts, we have seen and experience Kids with Awesome strategies with their lightning Ninja reflexes they dodge bullets like Matrix! Games were going on simultaneously and surprisingly the crowd that joined in this event were more than we actually expected. Approximately 300 people or more came.  

A random shot of the crowd on that day~

Q&A games about nerf 

A recon to give away~ who wouldn't want it? Raise up your hand to answer Nerfer.....

To make the game interesting, we have prizes to give away for free~ It was a lucky draw game. 

After the lucky draws, Nerftour proceed with the Quarterfinal chosen 2 teams from each group.

List of teams in Quarterfinal
Nerf Nerds

From Quarterfinal, as you can see, those that won 3 points gets to compete in Semifinal then the top 4 will fight in the FINALS.

 4th place - COMMANDOS
 3rd place - PINK
 2nd place - Aborigines
1st place - SHOTS the winning champions! 

 Top shot 1st place - 70 points
Top shot 2nd place - 65 points
Top shot 3rd place - 60 points

Nerftour 3 starts at 9am and ends at 6pm. It was a tough day to all who helped out for this event. Special thanks to Hasbro for sponsoring all the prizes, SKSS for renting the hall, Brien the organizer of this Nerf event and to all of the staff / admin who volunteered to help for the day. Once again, thank you to all the participating team and we hope to see you in the next nerftour - NERFTOUR 4. Without the support from all nerfer, we wouldn't make this event successful. We hope to see more teams to register for the next nerf event and bring more of your friends and family to join. Thank you!!! =)

Thank You for supporting Nerftour 3. All the sweats and hard work given shall rest in this hall~ 

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