Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top 4 scores for NERF game contest!


Updated 25th Nov 2011.

Contest ends 25th November 2011, 12pm! join it here

(I've decided not to post up the pictures any more...quite tiring to host them up. Will post accuracy score and points).

Billy Lim, Top score 

1st Score: Billy Lim, 017-224xxxx
8479 points,

97% accuracy,
183 / 188 hits

2nd Score: Nicholas Tan, 016-429xxxx
8074 points
91% accuracy
181 / 198 hits

3nd Score: Logan Sritharan, 012-457xxxx
8049 points
89% accuracy
194 / 217 hits

Shaun Lim, Best 100% score
Top 100%: Shaun Lim, 03-626xxxx
6552 points
150 hits

Play the NERF game, win WHITEOUT blasters!

Fancy some shooting sport? 

Ladies and gentlemen.

Since not enough people have participated in the NERF Media contest, I'm removing it and changing the event to a mini game contest!!!

1) You'll need to be able to capture the screen. download this free screen capture software first.

2) After you've got screen-capture ability, head on over to the link below and play the NERF TRAINING GAME:

3) After you've completed all 6 levels, take a screen capture of the final screen, example below:

Top Score is the number to watch!~

And email the screen shot with your NAME, EMAIL, AND PHONE NUMBER to / or post it on NERF Malaysia Facebook Page!

Contest runs from now until 25th November 2011. The prizes are:

First: WHITEOUT Longstrike
2nd place: WHITEOUT Deploy
3rd place: WHITEOUT Maverick
Top Score (100% accuracy): 36 dart ammo pack! 

And possible rare NERF Item!

So, what are you waiting for? go get the game! (Terms and conditions please scroll down)


Your starting 1st floor to begin! 

After every level, you will get a small summary. 
Click the play now button to start the clock! Smaller and moving targets score more points! 
~This contest is open to South East Asia only.
~This contest runs from 29th October to 25th November 2011, 12:00 pm.
~This contest's prizes does not include shipping, which will be borne by the winner.
~Prizes won are not refundable or returnable.
~NERFMALAYSIA retains the right to remove, change, or alter this contest without prior notice.
~Each participant can only win 1 prize.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Longshot scpoe painting part 2

Hmmm, I've finished it!!! the following pictorial will show what's going on. :-) 

I had so much fun, I decided to paint one of the many tactical lights I have too. :-) 
simply painted it white with masking on the back. a bit too lazy to add more detail.
Putting the painted pieces in my dryer for faster resolving.
Here I've masked the body of the scope to add orange to the tips (they didn't match the longstrike colors)

After adding orange. (it still didn't match. correct thing to do was paint the whole thing white, then orange. ) 
Obviously I didn't want to paint the clear plastic lens too, so I mashed it for painting. 
Here I'm adding a layer of gloss sealant to protect the finish. 
The finished product, WHITEOUT Longstrike with painted scope and tactical light. Should have added more details, but too lazy to do detailed masking. 
Tactical light still works perfectly after putting it all together. 
The finished paint job. Quite easy, if the design is not to detailed. 
Another shot. It's very hard to keep the white paint finish clean during the process though. Fingers must be spotless, and the pieces cannot touch anything. Darker colors would be easier to paint. 

There you have it! my finished scope!! since I still have black and orange paint, I feel like painting a recon with orange highlights. :-)

Thanks for reading! 

Just started painting my longshot scope white! Part 1

I've just started painting my longshot scope here are the pics of the paintjob so far. :-)

The paint and masking tape I bought; From left, black, clear  lacquer, orange, and white. 
Here's the scope, with screws removed, ready for first masking. I'm planning to paint the base white, then the orange, then the details.

process of masking the knobs. 
completed masking for first white base coat. 
first coat of paint. recommended 10 minutes wait between coats, then another light coat. total 3 coats required. 

It started raining, so I used my clothes dryer to dry the paint. 

More pictures as I continue!

Some submitted photos from Johnson Arms.

Here's one participant in the media competition, who has extremely cool designs and colors for NERF blasters. Prepare to be amazed! Check out his website here!

and these drool-worthy photos!



Check out much, MUCH more at his website yeah!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Event coming up!

In conjunction with the Sunway University NERF Club, we're proud to announce an event: NIGHT NERF @ ROOFTOP.

Date: 21 Oct (friday)
Time: 8pm-1130pm
Location: Sunway University Rooftop, 4th floor.

Bring your own darts and blasters. a small fee will be charged to non club members.

Be prepared to go stalking through dark corridors, eriee rooms, and disturbing alleys...

find your prey.


Location map:

View Larger Map

Words of advice from our judge!!

NERFMALAYSIA is proud to present a 10-question interview with our esteemed judge, Mr. Solomon Freeman!

1) What do you focus on in your NERF photos? 

Capturing stunning action shots & players' emotion.

2) What do you look out for to get good color and contrast in NERF photos?

NERF products are already very colorful, it certainly adds more interest into the photo.

3) What are 3 things not to do when taking NERF action shots? 

Never interrupt a game. Never bias towards any team. Never disrespect anyone in the game.

4) What are 3 things you should do when taking NERF action shots? 

Anticipate the action you wanted to photograph & wait for it, if you do not envision your shot first, it'll be too late to capture when it happened.

5) How important is the camera / accessories for NERF portraits or action? 

When photographing any action shots, for DSLR users you need a minimum shutter speed of 1/250 second to freeze the player's movement. A telephoto lens (70-200mm F2.8) to zoom in closer to your subject without physically getting closer & interrupt the game. As for portrait, any camera will do.

6) How do you know when to shoot the picture? 

Always anticipate what will happen next & stay in the spot to frame(compose) your shots, index finger always on shutter button & viewfinder never lower than your nose-level. Follow these criteria & you'll be fast enough to capture any shot when the opportunity arise.

7) What are the general elements to a good picture? 

Lighting, composition & exposure. If you master these 3 main elements, you can make any boring subject look interesting.

8) How do I know if a picture is good or not? 

Photography is an art, art is subjective to each person's interest. If you like the photo yourself, then be confident.

9) what do you think is in a good short movie? 

To be able to tell the whole story.

10) What is the one piece of advice that you would give to all participants in this competition?

Stay passionate in whatever you do & you'll be surprise what you can achieve.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Announcing the first NERF MEDIA competition!

This year, NERFMALAYSIA has achieved a milestone! 


So I'm glad to announce the first NERFMALAYSIA MEDIA COMPETITION!
At a glance, this is what's going to happen:

1) BEST PHOTO CONTEST: Top 2 NERF photographs will win a WHITEOUT REV-6 Maverick!

2) BEST VIDEO CONTEST: Top NERF Video will win a WHITEOUT CS-6 Longstrike and WHITEOUT REV-6 Maverick!

And if you keep your fingers crossed, the winners will also get a RARE NERF PRIZE. 

Rules and regulations: 

1) Closing date for submission of entries: 30 November 2011. 
2) Winners announced within a week of closing date. Will have a professional photographer to analyse your entries. 

--You can submit a maximum of 3 photographs. 

--You must submit your photographs via link or direct attachment to ( Original work only! 

--Minimum resolution 1.5 megapixels. 

-- must have something to do with NERF.

--Please include name, phone number, email address, mailing address in email. 

-- You can submit maximum of 2 videos. 

-- Must submit videos via youtube link to 

--videos are to be no longer than 8 minutes long. 

-- minimum resolution is VGA. 

--Please include name, phone number, email address, mailing address in email. 

5) Other regulations:

--only photos/videos captured after 15 october 2011 are eligible for this competition. 

-- You may send combined photo/video entries

Entries will be judged on creativity, professionalism, originality, action, and awesomeness. 

-- NERFMALAYSIA reserves the right to use your submitted photo/video for promotional or other appropriate purposes. Copyright retained by original owner. :-) Copyright Tags encouraged. 

--prizes shown may be replaced with merchandise of equivalent value without notification.


1) Solomon Freeman (

One of the greatest contributors in action photgraphy, Mr. Solomon is the gold standard when it comes to high movement shoots like NERF and paintball. Having supported NERFMALAYSIA since its inception, we are proud to be working with him again, to bring his experience to this special event. Winners can look forward to his valuable words of wisdom!