Monday, May 30, 2011

The Culmination of NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR

Wow....all the blasting...who said 1 on 1 was any less intense? 

28 players converged on a field somewhere in Bukit Jalil Park for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR. 

There were 3 separate arenas, so the matches got around quite fast. 

This time, everyone who got into the quarterfinals received a prize! 

Results at a glance are:

Top Shot: Jason Chia with a new Top Shot Record of 140

3rd Place: Brien Chia, with his distinctive Twin Autos (Stampede and Rapidfire 20), but got tagged in the head by an epic shot from Jason in the Semifinals. 

2nd Place: Jason Chia, who is deadly with his preferred weapons, a Stampede and Deploy, with a Spectre in a side holster, but was unfortunate to have his primary blasters fail on him in the finals and semifinals. 

And of course, the undefeated, the true warrior, the only person to have gone through 4 rounds of grueling battle, and prevailed while everyone else fell by the wayside; With trusted Maverick and Raider, The one and only SURVIVOR:


I would like to take this special opportunity to thank Hasbro for sponsoring all the winner's prizes;

I would also like to thank Charlie, Ashley, and Damien for providing volunteer logistics and administration support;

I would like the thank all the people who volunteered for Referee Duty, and bravely withstood the sun, heat, and occasional stray dart, to make NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR a resounding success!

And of course, all the participants who came and made my day, and enjoyed some intense NERF action in the sun!

With this we close the 3rd chapter in NERFTOUR History. 

Next event will be NERFTOUR3. 4v4 team based event...currently in planning, but should be scheduled in 2-3 months time. 

Writeup and Photos coming keep checking back for updates:

P.S: Nabil has lost 3 pieces of 6 shot clips, and someone else did mention losing an ammo box. If you come across these items in your NERF collection that don't belong to you, please let me know to arrange a return. Thank you. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've just got the prizes list.....Here it is!!!

Register here for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR!

1st Prize:
NERF SuperSoaker Hydro Cannon x1
NERF Tactical Vest x1
NERF CS-6 Recon x1

2nd Prize:
NERF SuperSoaker Tornado Strike x1
NERF SuperSoaker Clip Reload x1
NERFTOUR Brilliance Badge x1

3rd Prize:
NERF SuperSoaker ThunderStorm x1
NERF SuperSoaker Clip Reload x1
NERFTOUR Brilliance Badge x1

NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR details here!

Everyone else who gets past the quarter finals (4th to 8th place):
NERF SuperSoaker ThunderStorm x1
NERFTOUR Brilliance Badge x1

Top Shot:
NERF SuperSoaker ScatterBlast x1
NERFTOUR Sniper Badge x1

Hydro Cannon


Register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR here!

I'll be going to collect the prizes for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR on Friday!

Not really sure what prizes Hasbro are giving to make all you NERF fans drool, but I do know that there will be NERF SuperSoaker Hydro Cannons and Tornado Strikes to give away!!!

You can win this!!! Hydro Cannon!

So make sure to load up, and I will see you there!!

Find out more about NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR here!


Your RM10 entry fee comes with a free drink or NERFTOUR badge. Also, those who have already paid their entry fees will get the "Assisted Reload" Advantage!!! Those of you who have not yet paid will have to donate an additional RM2 for that advantage. And you should, because the reload time is only 1 minute!

Tornado Strike to be given away!
And this time, Brien himself will be playing...hehe looking forward to playing with all you NERFTOUR fans!!!

NERF or Nothing!!!

Register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR here!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Click here to Register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR!

What is NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR all about? Let me tell you. 

Mental Strength. The matches will be intense, and all your focus will used for acquire your target, aim, shoot, reload, and dodge darts that are coming at you. And also to deflect the cheers and taunts of all the people around you. 

Weapons Training. When it comes down to the final shot, the dart that will determine a survivor of a match, it all comes down to your trust in your weapon and yourself. Will your dart fly straight? Will your blaster jam? How much ammo do you have left? What are the effective ranges of your blasters? How well does your blaster set hold up to all the movment? You'll need to trust yourself, and your blasters, to become the SURVIVOR, because it sucks to get tagged on a jammed blaster.

Click here to Register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR!

Blaster Management. If you drop a blaster on the ground, you can't use it in that point. If you drop a clip on the ground, you can't use it in that point. So you have to make sure that your blasters are strapped securely to your body, and they are able to be fielded from your body into battle as fast and as easy as possible. I recommend getting tactical vests, and utility pants, because that may turn out into a huge advantage in battle. 

Physical Fitness. There's not much that needs to be said here. All that running, jumping, squatting, rolling, dodging, sprinting, shifting, ducking...oww...getting tired just writing about it.

Click here to Register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Nerf Vortex video...

Don't really like the color scheme...but 30 rounds of battery powered action? awesome!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Future mini events!

In the near future, NERFTOUR might be visiting a playground, field, or school near you!

That's right, NERFTOUR is contemplating setting aside 1 evening a week to go and promote NERF in your area.

So we'll be coming with barriers, whistles, and blasters so that you and your friends can have a tag fest right near your house!


Want NERFTOUR to visit your local playground in the near future? Please feel free to email us ( your location and preferred date and time, and we'll post it on this website if you get selected!

We are going to do this for free; however, if you would like to support NERFTOUR events like this, feel free to NERFTOUR a small donation for visiting your area!

See you guys soon, on your homeground!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Digi WOWW Awards

Please vote for at the Digi WOWW Awards!!!

I think you vote by sharing it on your facebook... make sure you do so! Share the addictive power of NERF on your page!

Their voting system isn't very good, but please help support us!