Monday, February 28, 2011

Latest News:


1) All participants are entitled to purchase a "Veteran" Rank C badge for RM2. All other Badges require approval before purchase.

2) Reminder that NERFTOUR collects a registration fee of RM20 per team, regardless of how many people are on your team. This is because even if you have 1 or 2 people on your team, you will be taking up a valuable team slot. I suggest those without team come as Wandering NERFer.

3) Please do not forget to bring umbrella and first aid kit. Just in case.

4) All volunteers: please try to come as early as possible. I will be there from 10 onwards.

Thanks!!! Let's make this happen!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Videos from NERFTOUR1

Seems like no one actually posted their videos to Youtube, but I provide below the links to NERFTOUR1 fan recorded videos!!!

The Final Shot (Finals, AWS vs CLDR1)

A Weird Shriek (FInals, AWS vs CLDR1)

Teamwork (Semifinals, Commandos vs CLDR1)

Friendly Fire (Semifinal qualifier, Commandos vs LOEG)

Intensity (Semifinals, Commandos vs CLDR1)

Flag defended (Quarterfinals, CLDR1 vs Far Cue)

Dancing (Quarterfinals, I.I.U. vs The Blaze)

Sharphooting (Target shooting, Semifinals qualifying, Jason from CLDR1)

Briefing (Before Tournament)

If any of you have any more videos from NERFTOUR1, just send me a message or comment!

NERF in The Star newspaper!!!

Quite a while ago, before the advent of organised warfare aka NERFTOUR, the brave folk at NERF Community Malaysia managed to get their name in the papers for organising NERF games in Malaysia.

This link goes to the story, published on October 30th, 2010, and written by Lee Mei Li.

NERF Malaysia in The Star

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hey, just check out all the awesome NERFTOUR1 photos! Courtesy of and

To see thumbnails of the whole album, just click HERE to go directly to the full album!

Another Awesome Gallery by Aeonview has to be seen to be believed. The best pictures of NERF ever.

More photos available at NERF Community Malaysia Facebook Page.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Current List Of Teams Registered!

List of teams for NERFTOUR3!



Blazin Squad

All the blasters!!! Collect them all!!!

Sorry, this list is not comprehensive, and I do not include all the different blaster colors, just the different models.

Want to to order a NERF blaster? email me with your inquiry ( 

Barrelbreak IX-2
Double tagging has never been this fun.
Key extra: tactical rail dart holder
Available: Toys R Us

Maverick REV-6 Clear
Surprisingly versatile and powerful blaster
Available: Toys R Us, Parkson, Metrojaya

Recon CS-6 Clear
The bread and butter of any Nerf arsenal
Key accessory: Nitelight
Available: Toys R Us, Parkson, Metrojaya

Stampede ECS
The ultimate in automatic blasting technology
Key extra: Blast shield, Extended clip x3!
Available: Parkson, Metrojaya, Toys R Us

Vulcan EBS-25
For those who just wanna hold down the trigger and never let go
Available: Toys R Us

Barricade REV-10
The favorite blaster for the rapid fire specialist
Available: Toys R Us

Longstrike CS-6
The blaster that tags with style

Deploy CS-6
Weapon of choice for night combat. And transformers. 

Nitefinder EX-3
1 dart goes a looooooong way. 

Secretstrike AS-1
When you want to keep things quiet. 

Raider CS-35
Superior firepower. Period.
key extra: 35 dart drum

Alpha Trooper CS-18
Rapid fire pumpin!
key extra: 18 dart drum
Rapid Fire AS-20
The weapon of choice for a firestorm. 
Spectre REV-5
Secret Service nerfer's primary weapon.
key extra: folding stock
Furyfire REV-10
For a no-nonsense, reliable revolver with extended capacity

When you need to hit your target from afar.
key extra: scope & forward blaster
Available: RARE ITEM, not sold in retail.

AS-6 Hornet
For a shotgun effect with 6 simultaneous darts!
Available: Toys R Us

The thing about blasters...

Before modifications, it's sad to say that perhaps the blaster with the most range has to be Nitefinder. Maverick, longshot, stampede, vulcan, recon, deploy, longstrike...all have about the SAME range!

But after the simple mod of removing the air restrictor and putting padding, then the power of each gun starts to show....But still, not for the longshot. which will fire about the same range as a modded recon. 

2 springs later...the longshot shoots 150+ feet. 

List of Past Teams

NERFTOUR1 Champions;
NERFTOUR2 Champions

NERFTOUR2 Finalists

Alpha Wolf Squadron (A.W.S.)
NERFTOUR1 Finalists;

The Red Scarf
NERFTOUR2 3rd Place

The 8th Cadiem
NERFTOUR2 4th Place

The Blaze
NERFTOUR1 Semifinalists

NERFTOUR1 Semifinalists

Spartan 117

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (L.O.E.G.)

Republic Commandos


Far Cue

Ingeniously Igneous Unicorns (I.I.U.)

Cyber Nerfers



Flaming Bullet


Registration Form

Latest Event details HERE.

Please Note that your Registration will only be valid upon receipt of your RM20 registration fee, then confirm it by sending the date and time of the transaction to me  (012-672-8900)

Public Bank 4-409-7249-21 (Brien Chia)
Maybank 1148-4206-5038 (Brien Chia)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wandering NERFer list.

Check out the Mercenaries for NERFTOUR3

Register Here!

Remember to bank in your entry fee!


The next NERFTOUR event...

Will involve YOU. ALONE.
Your skills, your intelligence, your guts. ALONE.
Your tactics, your experience, your speed. ALONE.
Your darts, your blaster. ALONE.

Actually you won't be ALONE.

Someone is lurking out there.

Tag him first.

NERFTOUR:SURVIVOR, a 1v1 tournament. Coming soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Below the official NERFTOUR badges that you might win if you show brilliance in Combat.

GOLD = S Rank
RED = A Rank
BLUE = B Rank
GREEN = C Rank

Awarded to Champions of NERFTOUR1

Awarded to Champions of NERFTOUR2

Awarded to nerfer who is not tagged at all in a single event

Awarded to team that has reached the semifinals of NERFTOUR2
Awarded to nerfer who has gotten 3 tags in a single point

Awarded to nerfer who is the last surviving player in a single point

Awarded to nerfer who wins a target shot contest
Awarded to team that scores a flawless score in a match (3-0 or 2-0)

Awarded to team that comes from behind to win. 

Awarded to nerfer that has shown brilliance in combat in the eyes of the judges
Awarded to team that wins a point without suffering any losses

Awarded to nerfer that successfully tags a opponent flag capturer

Awarded to nerfer who has participated in more than 1 nerftour

Awarded to nerfer who scores 2 successful tags in a single point
Notes: a fee will be charged to cover the cost of the badges.

Latest News!

 Latest News:

If your team is wearing the official NERFTOUR shirt, you will not need to wear the competition colored vests, unless both teams are wearing the official NERFTOUR shirt, where 1 of the teams will have to wear colored vests.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


You can check out the complete list of teams here

NERFMALAYSIA Online Contest Results (25th Nov 2011)

1st place: Matthew Lu
2nd Place: Jason Chia
3rd Place: Brien Chia
Top Shot: Jason Chia

NERFTOUR2 (2nd April 2011)
1st Place: SHOTS (formerly known as CLDR1)
2nd Place: Myvi
3rd Place: The Red Scarf
4th Place: The 8th Cadiem
Top Shot: Jason Chia

NERFTOUR (8th Jan 2011)
1st Place: CLDR 1  (RM50 cash prize)
2nd Place: A.W.S.
Semi-Finalists: Commandos, The Blaze
Top Shot: Jason Chia

Official T-shirt for Sale!

Hey all you fans of NERFTOUR2!!!

The OFFICIAL T-SHIRT  is now out for sale, and is fully cutomizable with your own NAME  and NUMBER  on the back, and your TEAM NAME on the front!!! Pictures are below!



As you can see, fully customizable!!! Made from MICROFIBRE, which is like what expensive Sports Jerseys are made off, and extremely durable (you can wash it with Clorox and the print will NOT COME OFF!!!)

Priced at RM39.90 + shipping, you can buy your t-shirt right HERE!!!

I will be bringing sample T-shirt sizes to NERFTOUR2 and will also be taking orders for those who want me to do the ordering for them, and the shirts will be shipped to your place within 3 working days!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

COMBAT TIP #1: Know your Weapon

If you all remember NERFTOUR1, CLDR1 beat AWS 3-2. I actually expected CLDR 1 to beat AWS 3-0, but AWS showed great spirit to come back from 2-0 down.

Now, I have personally led and coached and trained my local NERF group for a while, And some vital techniques and movements are necessary to excel in this painfree representation of warfare. the same rules apply.

You can't learn to play NERF by playing Call Of Duty, Counterstrike, or other computer games, because in the virtual world, all of you have awesome weapons that are accurate and reliable, have the fitness levels of a US marine, and have health bar. in the real world, and in NERFTOUR, all you got are your guts and your guns. And most importantly, your FRIENDS!

I'm going to do a series of writeups that will help in combat situations, as well as teamwork and personal training.

Please note that if you really want to use these techniques in combat, you must TRAIN.  no easy way to become good.

For this First Tip: Using your NERF.

You should play with your NERF in such a way, that you know every single way to deal with it...How to clear a jam? fastest way to reload? most effiecient way to prime the blaster? any particular unique characteristics of your blaster you should know? Range? ammo capacity?

In NERF, not knowing this would mean you're using an unfamiliar blaster, and you will never get full potential from your NERF. In real life and real guns, the difference is life and death.

You know why it's easy to play a computer shooter? Because if you watch the reloading sequences, or the way you hold the gun in the game, or the way you prime it: it's all PERFECT.  in real life, it takes months of training to be able to do all that so effieciently. So, do it. Learn how to wield your weapon inside out.

And you will get many, MANY more tags!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great news!!!

Now with even bigger prize money!!!

Sponsored by Simpleet and Briensax!! (Please click on the links to support this tournament: they just go to a blog)

Champions upgraded from RM150 to RM200!!!
2nd place: RM100
3rd Place: RM50