Sunday, January 30, 2011

Awesome News!!!

I'm glad to announce Guaranteed Cash Prize sponsored by!!!

1st place: RM150
2nd place: RM100
3rd place: RM50

Also, I'm glad to announce that the entry fee structure has been revised!

Now the rate will be a FLAT RATE of RM20 per team / RM5 per Wandering NERFer!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

NERFTOUR2 registration is now OPEN!!!

Registration is open now!!!

Come and join this awesome event!!!!

 For NERFTOUR2, a team my choose to wear its own uniform if you want...

Just make sure it is not offensive, and is in a clear color, and has a big number on the back and small number on the front.

If 2 teams are wearing the same color, then we'll toss a coin and one of the teams must wear the vests.

P.S: Really Need volunteers for this event!!!! PM me your name and contact if you're interested in being a volunteer. Free T-shirt!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Donate here!!!

Please donate via the folowing methods:

1) Fund transfer to:

  Public Bank 4-409-7249-21 (Brien Chia)

  Maybank 1148-4206-5038 (Brien Chia)

Write up on NERFTOUR January 2010

First off, I have to thank God. It had been raining for Lord knows how many successive days. But on 9th of January, a glorious sun was uninterrupted throughout the day!

It started of with a nervous frenzy. Setting up the apparatus proved to be a nightmare. The wind was too strong and the barriers kept blowing over. Thanks to my dad we managed to think of an awesome solution to stop the barriers from blowing over. Again, by some divine intervention, throughout the match the wind was not a material factor in the tournament. 

Registration was rather fast and the energy was really there! So many blasters! So many people! 11 teams took to the field!!! 1 more than my hopeful prediction of 10 teams!

The first match between IIU and The Blaze showed the promise of all the future matches. The Blaze were lightning quick, weaving in and out between the barriers, winning all their matches under 45 seconds. 3-0.

IIU were gracious in defeat and stayed on until the semifinals to watch the games. Thank you so much!

In my local matches in school, the members of CLDR 1 have always been the top ranked players.. all battle hardened veterans of NERF. However, they were to be put to the test against the intimidating and inappropriately named Far Cue. The match was close in the initial stages, with the score tied at 1-1, CLDR 1 was showing obvious signs of strain and nervousness. However, they managed to pull out their reserves of focus and a brilliant change in tactics to wrap it up 3-1 including the first and highly entertaining flag capture!

Cyber Nerfers were a fun bunch, and AWS consisted of a rag tag team of Wandering NERFers who formed an adhoc team at the tournament. However, they showed remarkable skill and precision to win 3-1, the single loss of a point not fazing them at all. 

Commandos were also a very strong team, consisting of NERF demonstrators and the most powerful NERF arsenal ever seen in combat, highlight being the modified Vulcan with a 7 rps rate of fire! wow! However, we only had to wait till later to see their skill because their opponents SDNN never showed up and conceded a walkover 3-0. 

The match between Spartan 117 and LOEG was one of the slower moving matches, with neither team willing to take much risks until pushed forward by the time counting down. I mean, draws are boring right? Anyways, LOEG upped their game and took the match 3-0.5, the first draw of the tournament being recorded. 

Republic Commandos moved very quickly against CLDR 2, also wrapping up their matches in less than 45 seconds per point. Their rush tactics really hit CLDR 2, which consisted of other members from my local NERF community, and swept them away 3-0.

Teams advancing: 
The Blaze
Republic Commandos

Because there were 6 teams, and only 4 semifinals spots, that meant that 4 of the teams would have to endure the agony of an extra match. Which team that would get the coveted automatic semifinals placement would be decided by target shooting! 

Each team had to pick 1 player, whom had to fire 6 shots at a target. The top 2 teams with the highest points would the get the automatic semifinal slots. the rest would have to battle it out in an additional match.

You could feel the pressure surrounding the target board as participants took their places and steadied their shattered nerves, and lifted their shivering weapons to hit the target. In the end, CLDR 1's Jason Chia took 160 points for the first slot, including 4x35 point hits. Joseph Wong from swashbuckling AWS took 135 points for 2nd place, including 3x35 point hits. 

The results were as follows:
CLDR 1 = 160 points
AWS = 135 points
Commandos = 66 points 
LOEG = 66 points
RP = 55 points
The Blaze = 50 points. 

Commandos were then randomly drawn to battle LOEG, and it turned out to be a long drawn affair, the longest match yet in the tournament. Commandos raced to a 2-0 lead courtesy of fast rush tactics and superior firepower, before LOEG rallied and scored a win and a draw t take the series to 2.5-1.5. Commandos then rallied, and managed to survive a triple kill scare again to win the final point to take the series 3-1.5. This match also included a hilarious friendly fire incident which gifted LOEG their win. 

Republic Commandos were drawn to meet the small, light and fast The Blaze. The Blaze caught RC off guard with their trademark rush tactics and again quickly rose to a 2-0 lead, before RC pulled one back with a fierce counter attack. However, The Blaze was unfazed and continued to press forward to a 3-1 victory. 

The first semifinal match between Commandos and CLDR 1 was a highly anticipated match. Commandos were fearsome in their unmatched firepower and team tactics, while CLDR 1 had modified weapons as well, and also the advantage of playing together quite regularly. During the match, it appeared that the Commandos ran into some time trouble with ammo collection due to the high rate of fire from blasters like the Stampede, Vulcan, and Alpha trooper. with the score tied at 1-1, CLDR 1 swithed tactics to a defensive counter attack and managed to score elimination and flag capture points to win 3-1. 

The Blaze so far had been riding really high on their impressive wins due to blitzkrieg tactics, and their small size presented smaller, more difficult targets to opposing teams to tag. However, their brilliant run came to an end against AWS, which in the spirit of "what you can do, I can do better", and used The Blaze's own rush tactics against them, scoring 2 eliminations and a flag capture to achieve a flawless 3-0 victory. 

So in the finals, the was CLDR 1 vs AWS. The seasoned veterans against a glorious rag-tag team of Wandering NERFers. Initially, CLDR 1 managed to successfully counter AWS rush tactics and raced to a 2-0 lead, with both points being played out under 1 minute. It looked as if CLDR 1 was going to cruise to a 3-0 victory. But then AWS found their second win and a brilliant tactic involving shoving a man right down CLDR 1's center throat, saw them score 2 succesive points to tie the game at 2-2.

 The Championship point saw both teams mirroring moves, scoring eye for an eye, elimination for elimination, which ended with both team flags being captured at the same time. However, since you need to have 2 flags in your base to score a flag capture point, the match moved on, down to the last 2 players, AWS Joseph Wong vs CLDR 1's Matthew Lu. Each player had the opposing team's flag. They circled the battlefield several times, war faces on, flags blowing in the wind, Clear Maverick against Raider. 

Then the shooting started, both aiming to tag with a headshot, and both successfully dodging darts that whistled dangerously close. In the end, Matthew Lu came off a dodge and planted a dart righton Joseph's left shoulder, scoring the point and the title of NERFTOUR champions to CLDR 1!! They received a prize of RM60. 

Financially the tournament was a disappointment, with only RM178 collected, insufficient to even cover the cost. Future tournaments will have to wait a bit longer and more funds are need to rebuild barriers and for other expenses. 

If you would like to contribute to the next edition of NERFTOUR, please transfer your funds to:

Public Bank 4-409-7249-21 (Brien Chia) 

Maybank 1148-4206-5038 (Brien Chia)



Thank you everyone who made the Nerf Tournament at Bukit Jalil a success!

I especially would like to thank my dad for helping me sponsor the PA system and a portion of the expenditures, as well as helping with the setting up.

Thanks to to my girlfriend Ashley and the CLDR troops for helping me set up and later take down all the apparatus!

Thanks to Richard and Matthias for helping me officiate the event. It would have been impossible without you guys.

Thanks to all the donors who put in more than RM20...

Thanks to all the participants who showed up and participated. Especially those who still stayed on and cheered even after being eliminated.

Congratulations to CLDR 1 and AWS for being the champions and finalists respectively. Was a really epic final match, down to the last shot!

Congratulations to 'The Blaze" and "Commandos" for reaching the semifinals.

Congratulations to Jason Chia and Joseph Wong for winning 1st and 2nd place in the Top Shot contest, with scores of 160 and 135 respectively.

Would like to thank the staff and users of Bukit Jalil International Park for providing the venue, even though we did not alias with you directly. Thanks!!!

Thanks to NERF for making such fun blasters! (could be cheaper though, or could sponsor me next time!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Battle tips!!!

1) Wear rugged appropriate clothing and shoes. We'll be playing on grass, which might be quite slick. and if you are the rough and tumble type, you'd want long pants or jeans to absorb the shocks from the ground as you roll around.

2) If possible, please wear eye protection.

3) accuracy is paramount in this tournament. Practice your accuracy shooting at home, especially deflection and angled shots.

4) Fresh darts may make a huge difference in combat.

5) Snap shooting (bursting out from cover and firing, then back to cover) is a very valuable skill.

6) Staying alive in combat relies on 3 things: Cover use, Movement, and Teamwork.

7) Rushing must be a coordinated effort by the whole team, in order to be effective.

8) Remember there's a flag to capture too! Don't focus on just tagging all the opposing players, especially since there's a time limit.

Final thoughts before the tournament...

I realized that compared to the usual nerf wars organised by NCM, my tournament may result in a very little playing time if you are knocked out early, and there is also a donation involved.

I want to thank you all again for coming to support my tournament!

Please do try to come on time (preregister to avoid hassle), and stay safe!