Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Phew, NERF is happening in Malaysia!

Wow, that's a lot of Events going on in the Klang Valley! Great to be a member of the infinitely awesome NERF Community!

The recently concluded NERF Booth at Anggerik Mall was a huge success! I hope it gave birth to hundreds more die-hard NERFers. Feel the foam fly, brothers and sisters in arms!

I think most of you guys would now be aware the the competition is heating up for NERFTOUR3! If you havent yet registered your team, please do so ASAP as spaces are extremely limited!

Possible more NERF events coming soon, perhaps in the Mines Shopping Center and Midvalley!

If you want you have your own NERF party, NERFMALAYSIA can organize it for you!

Anyways, here are some photos from the Shah Alam event! (comingsoon!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NERFTOUR3 V2, Jan 8th 2012, 830am.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Time to lock and load...
Time to bring out the blasters...
To put them through some tender care...

The time has come to put your honed skills to bear...
The burden of battle is upon us...
The be undefeated, vailant, victorious...

To defend your honor.
The NERFER to rule them all...

NERFTOUR3 V2 is here. 


~How to enter:
Send an email to with the following information:
Team Name:
Names and ages of all team members:
Phone number for team captain:

Places limited, only entries who have paid the entry fee are confirmed. 
Players without team may come to the event as mercenary, to be put into a random team. 

8th Jan 2012, Sunday, 830 am. 

USJ 4/2, 47600 SUBANG JAYA.

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Open category (Registration 9am, start 10am)  
Top shot competition (Open Category)

Even if you don't have a team, come join as a mercenary (random team selection) 

~Competition Format:
4v4 Capture the Flag (max 7 persons per team)

~Entry Fees:
Under-15 category: RM30 24! per team
Open category: RM60 48! per team
Top-Shot: RM1 per attempt

*Ammunition is PROVIDED (N-strike only).
*All foam dart blasters that pass safety test are allowed for use in combat.
* NERFTOUR badges will be given for FREE for those who qualify.
* N-Strike & Vortex blasters will be on sale during the event.
* Shields are ALLOWED, please read "competition rules" below.

Administrative Rules
Competition Rules
Competition Format
Past Results

By participating in this event, you agree to indemnify NERFMALAYSIA from any and all litigation resulting from injury / mishaps/ unfortunate events during the event.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SHOP Worldwide!

If you're not from Malaysia, but want to get in on the NERF action, go ahead and take a look at NERF's huge selection of blasters at!

Monday, November 7, 2011

NERF expo, Anggerik Mall Shah Alam, 23-27 Nov 2011

Phew, November is just PACKED with awesome NERF events!!

Here's one to all the fans in Shah Alam!!

Location: Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam

Date: 23rd-27th Nov 2011

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There will be a shop, a testing area, and a ARENA setup to play against your friends! blasters will be provided for participants in the arena!
feel free to bring your own blasters! Join competitions and win prizes!

UPDATE: there will be 2 kinds of competitions: a shooting competition and a combat competition. winning either one will earn you badges. collect enough badges to redeem some cool prizes! 

Check it out Alright! 

Mall photos!

NERF expo, Tropicana City Mall, 18-20 Nov 2011

Hey All you NERF lovers!!! Now a chance to meet up with other NERFers and join in the fun at Tropicana City Mall!!!

In conjunction with The Star Online Carnivale:


(Off LDP and Sprint)

Come on and join the competitions and maybe win some cool prizes!!

Also, perhaps learn the event date for the long awaited NERFTOUR3 V2!!!