Thursday, October 20, 2011

Words of advice from our judge!!

NERFMALAYSIA is proud to present a 10-question interview with our esteemed judge, Mr. Solomon Freeman!

1) What do you focus on in your NERF photos? 

Capturing stunning action shots & players' emotion.

2) What do you look out for to get good color and contrast in NERF photos?

NERF products are already very colorful, it certainly adds more interest into the photo.

3) What are 3 things not to do when taking NERF action shots? 

Never interrupt a game. Never bias towards any team. Never disrespect anyone in the game.

4) What are 3 things you should do when taking NERF action shots? 

Anticipate the action you wanted to photograph & wait for it, if you do not envision your shot first, it'll be too late to capture when it happened.

5) How important is the camera / accessories for NERF portraits or action? 

When photographing any action shots, for DSLR users you need a minimum shutter speed of 1/250 second to freeze the player's movement. A telephoto lens (70-200mm F2.8) to zoom in closer to your subject without physically getting closer & interrupt the game. As for portrait, any camera will do.

6) How do you know when to shoot the picture? 

Always anticipate what will happen next & stay in the spot to frame(compose) your shots, index finger always on shutter button & viewfinder never lower than your nose-level. Follow these criteria & you'll be fast enough to capture any shot when the opportunity arise.

7) What are the general elements to a good picture? 

Lighting, composition & exposure. If you master these 3 main elements, you can make any boring subject look interesting.

8) How do I know if a picture is good or not? 

Photography is an art, art is subjective to each person's interest. If you like the photo yourself, then be confident.

9) what do you think is in a good short movie? 

To be able to tell the whole story.

10) What is the one piece of advice that you would give to all participants in this competition?

Stay passionate in whatever you do & you'll be surprise what you can achieve.

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