Thursday, October 6, 2011

Order method!

Buy your NERF blaster directly from NERFMALAYSIA! 

3 simple steps:
A) Send an email to with the name of your offer and shipping address!
 (Eg: I want to buy OFFER 1 x 1 unit; mailing address is 12, Jalan 23, Sri endah, 57000 KL)

B) Bank in the total amount payable into 1 of the following accounts:
     i: Maybank 1148-4206-5038 (Brien Chia Zi Hao)
    ii: Public Bank 4409-7249-21 (Brien Chia ZI Hao)

C) Send me an sms (012-6728900) that you have banked in the amount.

Done! I'll ship immediately!


  1. is as 20 available

  2. at the moment, not available...I'll see whether I can order...

  3. what blasters are available for ofder?

  4. RM91 NERF CS-6 Recon
    RM145 NERF CS-35 Raider
    RM45 NERF REV-6 Maverick
    RM152 NERF CS-6 Longstrike
    RM91 NERF CS-6 Deploy
    RM62 NERF Bandolier Kit
    RM31 36 dart reload pack

  5. can buy with COD?

  6. Yes you can, COD available for Subang, Damansara, PJ, KL area. My base is Sri Petaling.

  7. Can i enter the competition

  8. Sure, just send your NERF photo or video to!

  9. hello..
    just wanna ask..
    is it i MUST buy nerf blasters from you before i can buy something else that u sell here..?e.g Bandolier Kit..

  10. That is the current offer only!

    you can buy a Bandolier Kit separately for RM62!

    Feel free to drop an order email to

  11. ah..good to here that... ;p

  12. Hello , im newbie , and im super looking forward to buy a gun like this :D what gun do you prefer for such a newbie like me , i saw n-strike recon in tesco , and its around 100 , is that worth buying ?

  13. Good to have a new fan of NERF!

    I'd recommend a CS-6 Recon + Bandolier kit for extra magazines (RM150 offer); OR

    A CS-35 Raider for rapidfire action (RM152 Gear up) ; OR

    The Ultimate: Stampede (RM250, with 96 darts).

    call me if you want to order (0126728900)

    NERF or Nothin!

  14. (RM152 NERF CS-6 Longstrike)Is this the shipping price included?plz reply

  15. Sorry, price is actually Rm160 for the whiteout longstrike, pickup only.

    For delivery please add rm10.

  16. For the longstrike in the bargain bin,how much wouls it be if shipping to JB altogether?

  17. I would suggest adding RM30 to the purchase price, shipping via domestic parcel.

    I will use the extra RM30 to pay for the shipping, the refund the rest back to your bank account.

    please email me for orders. better to order more in 1 go, save on shipping cost per unit...

  18. how much is gear up raider and whiteout maverick each?

  19. Gearup Raider Rm165

    Whiteout Maverick RM45

  20. can i have 1x Recon CS-6 1x n_strike longshot cs6 both with extra megazine in Miri,Sarawak for RM 400?

  21. we do not stock the longshot. also, deliveries must be paid in advance. please email your order to

  22. Hi, do u have 18 Clips or drum magazine?