Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Longshot scpoe painting part 2

Hmmm, I've finished it!!! the following pictorial will show what's going on. :-) 

I had so much fun, I decided to paint one of the many tactical lights I have too. :-) 
simply painted it white with masking on the back. a bit too lazy to add more detail.
Putting the painted pieces in my dryer for faster resolving.
Here I've masked the body of the scope to add orange to the tips (they didn't match the longstrike colors)

After adding orange. (it still didn't match. correct thing to do was paint the whole thing white, then orange. ) 
Obviously I didn't want to paint the clear plastic lens too, so I mashed it for painting. 
Here I'm adding a layer of gloss sealant to protect the finish. 
The finished product, WHITEOUT Longstrike with painted scope and tactical light. Should have added more details, but too lazy to do detailed masking. 
Tactical light still works perfectly after putting it all together. 
The finished paint job. Quite easy, if the design is not to detailed. 
Another shot. It's very hard to keep the white paint finish clean during the process though. Fingers must be spotless, and the pieces cannot touch anything. Darker colors would be easier to paint. 

There you have it! my finished scope!! since I still have black and orange paint, I feel like painting a recon with orange highlights. :-)

Thanks for reading! 

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