Saturday, September 10, 2011


Dear people, and loyal readers...

I know lots of you still loyally read this website, and hoping that I would update...

Well I've been rather busy, but now I do have some updates for you...

1) You can get the first grabs of the NERF VORTEX series at the Malaysia International Toy Fair happening on 9th-11th Sept at Midvalley Convention center Hall1!!! Details click on the link below!

2) I've been rather busy trying to setup the Sunway University NERF Club, but I guess it will be up and running by the end of next week!!

Why is this important? Because I want to hold NERFTOUR3 V2 at Sunway University!!! So hang on for that k!!! Not to mention I still have RM3000+ worth of NERF goodies to give away!

4) On a more personal note, I am trying to get a peg board to hang up all my NERF stuff. and also a Whiteout Longstrike!!!!

So that's the updates for now. I also have added a facebook button that takes you straight to the NERF Community on Facebook!!! The most active place to go for all Malaysia NERF stuff!

NERF or Nothing!

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