Monday, June 20, 2011

Blaster of the Day: REV-5 Spectre

Introducing the coolest looking NERF handgun-type blaster. The NERF REV-5 Spectre.

Using this blaster, especially with the frontal attachment, makes a nerfer feel like James Bond.

Now again, the purpose of these write ups are not a list of features and stuff, but on it's performance in battle: data with which to complete your kit, develop tactics, and win in NERFTOUR.

The main comparison with this blaster is that it tries to solve the jamming/misfire problems associated with the NERF REV-6 Maverick. It does so fairly well, but at the cost of a smaller magazine (5 darts, compared to 6 for the Maverick).

In battle, this blaster would outperform the Maverick as a handgun in almost all aspects save for ammo capacity. It shoots further, is more accurate, and most importantly, rarely jams (have to remember to push darts all the way into the chambers).

It's main function would be as a sidearm. Using this blaster as a main weapon may leave a nerfer underpowered for a heavy battle. It's good for rushing though, as it has a lighter trigger and is lighter to wield than the Maverick. Training in the Weaver stance may be required.

In my experience, this blaster has far more modding potential than the Maverick, because there is less stress on the rotating mechanism, and less parts.

The silencer is for aesthetic purposes only. the folding stock may appeal to some, but most comments are that it is rather flimsy.

Some of you may remember the Semifinal match between me and Jason from SHOTS. 2 out of his 3 tags were from this venerated blaster. He has a specially made holster for this weapon, designed for quick draw.

My suggestion? This is a more reliable blaster than the Maverick. Strap it on, locked and loaded, and when the time comes that you need it (which would be in a really tight situation), rest assured that it will most certainly fire.

Scores well on portability, accuracy, range, and speed. Doesn't do so well for capacity or reload speed.

Rank Level 2 Blaster in the NERFTOUR Rankings (Level 1 is lowest, Level 4 is highest).

(NERFTOUR rankings are to help you make a kit for battle. Blasters at Level 2 or below are used as sidearms or niche weapons; Blasters at Level 3 and above should be used as primary blasters.)

P.S: If you can't find Spectres any more (they are becoming rare), you can head over to Outpost Toys in e-Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I saw the last few boxes there. :-)

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