Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blaster of the Day: EBF-25 Vulcan

This blaster is the mother of all blasters. The biggest, baddest, most fear-inspiring blaster there is.

But only if you know how to use it.

At NERFTOUR, we have seen people run around with these behemoths trying to tag people. That usually results in jams and failed shots, and often the user gets tagged.

See, this blaster, is a HEAVY MACHINE BLASTER. It's primary use is NOT  for tagging!

This is the blaster to use, to keep your opponent's heads down in the cover, allowing your friends opportunities to flank, rush, and tag their opponents.

 The Vulcan has very good range, very good rate of fire, quite good accuracy. Its weaknesses is that it's heavy, has a horrible reload speed, and its ammo capacity is not all that great.

To use the Vulcan effectively, it is important to have very good leading skills (where you fire at the place your opponent is going to move to). Also, good spatial awareness is required, because you may need to track multiple targets (and avoid people sneaking up on you). So first take cover, then cover your friends. And always keep an eye on the amount of ammo you have left (A good sidearm is a must).

To fight against the vulcan, stay out of its firing lane! Never take it head on; go against it by counting its bullets, and exploiting gaps in the firing sequence by dashing from cover to cover. Flank or snipe the gunner (may be a bit difficult to snipe because it's quite a big blaster, and blaster hits don't count).

Modding will make this blaster 3 or 4 times more effective. Of course, extended ammo belts would be the first on any aspiring Vulcan Nerfer. Ammo box and AR removal also recommended, as well as voltage boosting.

This blaster has the ability to change to outcome of a game. In skilled hands, it is unbeatable. Tier 4.

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