Friday, June 17, 2011

Blaster of the day: AS-20 Rapidfire

This is the first of a set of articles on the relative use of blasters in NERFTOUR events!

There are many blaster reviews online, but this is taken from NERFer's perspective in actual competition.

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AS-20 Rapidfire

    One thing when you use this, is you get the impression that it's powerful. If you use this in battle, it's very likely you will get 1 tag at least from the 20 darts this thing spits out.

   I've used this behemoth in battles at home, and at NERFTOUR SURVIVOR. It is really a monster to face, and 20 darts flying in your direction in a single second is hard to dodge.

When I used it in batle, its most effective to lead the opponent, and use 3-dart bursts to fire. Full Auto is only effective when rushing or covering a friend.

The main weakness of this blaster is the reload time, and indications. First, your opponent can see how many darts you have left, before the you yourself find out. And if you find out the hard way, by blasting empty air, your opponent can easily rush and tag you.

Second is that its very difficult to reload this blaster while in battle. To reload 1 dart takes 5 seconds of not moving...more than enough to get you tagged.

For Rapidfire users: Use short bursts to tag the enemy; pump the air handle whenever you can to keep the pressure up; Good to use for a surprise flank or rush; Don't spam your ammo.

Against Rapidfire: Stay in cover: rushing at the wrong moment is fatal; watch his ammo count, it's easy to see; use a long range or automatic blaster to counter the AS-20; Rush when you hear empty air;

In NERFTOUR terms, there are 4 rank of blasters. Tier 1 are the extremely simple blasters, Tier 4 are the powerful blasters.

The AS-20 scores big on range, rate of fire, capacity, accuracy...almost everything, except reload speed. This is a weapon to be feared. Definitely Tier 4.

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