Thursday, June 30, 2011

NERF Vortex Nitron revealed!

WARNING: Spoiler for NERF Vortex.

If you still want to click it, do so at your own risk of excessive drooling.

P.S: I want the scope.


I've just gotten another set of photos from NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR (and videos too!), so here are the photos first....Enjoy!

Videos coming up later...

Please make sure to come for NERFTOUR3!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Submission by Anonymous, 8th Cadians (Barricade)

<This is a submission from a fan, and is a review of the REV-10 Barricade. If you want you submission to be displayed on this website, email me at>

Barricade RV-10

There is a need for an introduction to the Barricade RV-10, I believe, as it seems to be a popular blaster within the NERFers community. One of the most used side arm in NERFTOUR, the Barricade is simply a must for revolver masters.

Whilst this blaster is not the most accurate of all blasters, it is, in fact, very reliable. Its rate of fire exceeds even that of a Vulcan, as it is capable of firing 5-6 darts per second depending on the user’s trigger pulling speed. However, doing so will considerably weaken the blaster’s range and thus, for maximum performance, a short pause must be given after every shot.

Now why is it such a reliable blaster?

Well first of all, as written above, the Barricade’s high rate of fire is one of the most priceless features of the blaster, and thus can be used to keep opponents in cover. This was proven in a test where the Barricade faced off with the Raider, and was firing at practically the same speed as the latter blaster, albeit slightly slower. Other than that, this blaster’s accuracy is rather close to that of the Maverick and thus can be used for sniping the enemy almost as good as the Maverick itself. 

Finally, its light weight allows for high mobility and thus allows for users to run quickly without being dragged down by the weight. But that’s not the ONLY upside to its light weight, as it, along with the fact that it’s a semi-automatic blaster, allows for it to be dual wielded without the worry of being dragged by the weight as applies to dual wielding Stampedes. Dual Wielding the Barricade allows for a higher rate of fire, approximately twice as fast, and thus makes a deadly combination, as shown by the fight between Commandos and 8th Cadians, where the 8th Cadians were being held back by the dual barricader’s mortar fire. Barricaders must also note that they should bring quite a number of darts, and that wearing the Bandolier Kit along with the Ammo Pouch assists it greatly.

Now as with every blaster, the Barricade has its downsides as well. The first and most vital downside is its reload speed. Being a revolver, it is quite hard to reload this blaster in a matter of seconds, and in an event like NERFTOUR, a few seconds can mean a difference between life and “death”. This often leaves barricaders unable to go solo as they would need a lot of covering fire to reload. This however, can be counter-acted by modding the blaster and turning it into a clip system weapon. Its second weakness is its dual wielding capabilities, as it requires the user to be extremely ambidextrous to use two Barricades effectively, but is crossed out if the user is ambidextrous and can control and aim where the shots should be placed. And finally, its last weakness is its firing mechanism, as with all battery powered blasters, it depends on the battery life. Equip the barricade with a weak battery and there’s a 90% probability that it will not fire, and even if it does fire, it will not fire the needed distance.

A typical revolver, users should focus on using the rushing tactic, as its rate of fire is high enough to ensure a high probability of succeeding, even though it is the heaviest of all revolver blasters.

This blaster is a Tier 2, if not Tier 3 blaster, with its main weakness being the reload speed.

The Barricade is a very reliable side arm to keep in company, and will be able to keep the user alive if used properly. My recommendation though, is to dual wield and rush.

-Anonymous, 8th Cadians-

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blaster of the Day: EBF-25 Vulcan

This blaster is the mother of all blasters. The biggest, baddest, most fear-inspiring blaster there is.

But only if you know how to use it.

At NERFTOUR, we have seen people run around with these behemoths trying to tag people. That usually results in jams and failed shots, and often the user gets tagged.

See, this blaster, is a HEAVY MACHINE BLASTER. It's primary use is NOT  for tagging!

This is the blaster to use, to keep your opponent's heads down in the cover, allowing your friends opportunities to flank, rush, and tag their opponents.

 The Vulcan has very good range, very good rate of fire, quite good accuracy. Its weaknesses is that it's heavy, has a horrible reload speed, and its ammo capacity is not all that great.

To use the Vulcan effectively, it is important to have very good leading skills (where you fire at the place your opponent is going to move to). Also, good spatial awareness is required, because you may need to track multiple targets (and avoid people sneaking up on you). So first take cover, then cover your friends. And always keep an eye on the amount of ammo you have left (A good sidearm is a must).

To fight against the vulcan, stay out of its firing lane! Never take it head on; go against it by counting its bullets, and exploiting gaps in the firing sequence by dashing from cover to cover. Flank or snipe the gunner (may be a bit difficult to snipe because it's quite a big blaster, and blaster hits don't count).

Modding will make this blaster 3 or 4 times more effective. Of course, extended ammo belts would be the first on any aspiring Vulcan Nerfer. Ammo box and AR removal also recommended, as well as voltage boosting.

This blaster has the ability to change to outcome of a game. In skilled hands, it is unbeatable. Tier 4.

Blaster of the Day: CS-6 Recon

I believe this blaster needs no introduction. The most successful and widely used blaster, this CS-6 Recon is the bread and butter of all NERF Arsenals.

Every single Nerfer has perhaps got her skills from blasting with this reliable, simple to use clip system blaster.

Now in it's 4th generation, it is more accurate, has longer range, and is more reliable than ever before.

Now, what can you do with it?

It's attachments allow the Recon to be used as both a sidearm or a primary. In tests, it actually fires faster than bolt action blasters like the Longstrike or Longshot, and a skilled user can place his darts very dangerously in his opponent's direction.

Users of the Recon as a primary should keep plenty of extra magazines, and take advantage of the really fast reload this blaster offers. It's light weight offers speed and flexibility, allowing for good dodging and hiding behind cover, while squeezing off darts in all angles. Use only the stock; the barrel does nothing for performance.

To use this blaster as a sidearm, a good holster is required, for quick drawing. It has the added advantage over the revolver type sidearms in the fact that it uses clips, for quick reload, and very rarely jams. In fact, it's almost like a carrying a primary in a handgun package.

The recon's weakness is that it is a jack of all trades, but master of none. It's range is average, it's reload is just like all clip based blasters, it's accuracy is average, its firing speed is average.

The typical grunt's rifle, users should focus on conventional tactics: Aim, suppress, flank, tag. Not really recommended for rushing because it's rate of fire is not as quick as some may like, and it's still heavier than the Maverick or Spectre.

This is a Tier 3 blaster. It's main weakness is that it doesn't do anything special, and that it doesn't inspire fear.

My recommendation: use as a sidearm. It is the most powerful sidearm possible.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Blaster of the Day: REV-5 Spectre

Introducing the coolest looking NERF handgun-type blaster. The NERF REV-5 Spectre.

Using this blaster, especially with the frontal attachment, makes a nerfer feel like James Bond.

Now again, the purpose of these write ups are not a list of features and stuff, but on it's performance in battle: data with which to complete your kit, develop tactics, and win in NERFTOUR.

The main comparison with this blaster is that it tries to solve the jamming/misfire problems associated with the NERF REV-6 Maverick. It does so fairly well, but at the cost of a smaller magazine (5 darts, compared to 6 for the Maverick).

In battle, this blaster would outperform the Maverick as a handgun in almost all aspects save for ammo capacity. It shoots further, is more accurate, and most importantly, rarely jams (have to remember to push darts all the way into the chambers).

It's main function would be as a sidearm. Using this blaster as a main weapon may leave a nerfer underpowered for a heavy battle. It's good for rushing though, as it has a lighter trigger and is lighter to wield than the Maverick. Training in the Weaver stance may be required.

In my experience, this blaster has far more modding potential than the Maverick, because there is less stress on the rotating mechanism, and less parts.

The silencer is for aesthetic purposes only. the folding stock may appeal to some, but most comments are that it is rather flimsy.

Some of you may remember the Semifinal match between me and Jason from SHOTS. 2 out of his 3 tags were from this venerated blaster. He has a specially made holster for this weapon, designed for quick draw.

My suggestion? This is a more reliable blaster than the Maverick. Strap it on, locked and loaded, and when the time comes that you need it (which would be in a really tight situation), rest assured that it will most certainly fire.

Scores well on portability, accuracy, range, and speed. Doesn't do so well for capacity or reload speed.

Rank Level 2 Blaster in the NERFTOUR Rankings (Level 1 is lowest, Level 4 is highest).

(NERFTOUR rankings are to help you make a kit for battle. Blasters at Level 2 or below are used as sidearms or niche weapons; Blasters at Level 3 and above should be used as primary blasters.)

P.S: If you can't find Spectres any more (they are becoming rare), you can head over to Outpost Toys in e-Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I saw the last few boxes there. :-)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blaster of the day: AS-20 Rapidfire

This is the first of a set of articles on the relative use of blasters in NERFTOUR events!

There are many blaster reviews online, but this is taken from NERFer's perspective in actual competition.

If you would like to submit a review, or ask for a review on a specific blaster, please email me (

AS-20 Rapidfire

    One thing when you use this, is you get the impression that it's powerful. If you use this in battle, it's very likely you will get 1 tag at least from the 20 darts this thing spits out.

   I've used this behemoth in battles at home, and at NERFTOUR SURVIVOR. It is really a monster to face, and 20 darts flying in your direction in a single second is hard to dodge.

When I used it in batle, its most effective to lead the opponent, and use 3-dart bursts to fire. Full Auto is only effective when rushing or covering a friend.

The main weakness of this blaster is the reload time, and indications. First, your opponent can see how many darts you have left, before the you yourself find out. And if you find out the hard way, by blasting empty air, your opponent can easily rush and tag you.

Second is that its very difficult to reload this blaster while in battle. To reload 1 dart takes 5 seconds of not moving...more than enough to get you tagged.

For Rapidfire users: Use short bursts to tag the enemy; pump the air handle whenever you can to keep the pressure up; Good to use for a surprise flank or rush; Don't spam your ammo.

Against Rapidfire: Stay in cover: rushing at the wrong moment is fatal; watch his ammo count, it's easy to see; use a long range or automatic blaster to counter the AS-20; Rush when you hear empty air;

In NERFTOUR terms, there are 4 rank of blasters. Tier 1 are the extremely simple blasters, Tier 4 are the powerful blasters.

The AS-20 scores big on range, rate of fire, capacity, accuracy...almost everything, except reload speed. This is a weapon to be feared. Definitely Tier 4.

P.S: I have 1 unit for sale. RM120.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Check out Some shots from NERFTOUR SURVIVOR!!!

Here are the first selection of pics from NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR, courtesy of Mike Kwan!!! Thanks!

Note: To all those who took photos, please send me a copy of your pictures!!!