Thursday, May 26, 2011


Register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR here!

I'll be going to collect the prizes for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR on Friday!

Not really sure what prizes Hasbro are giving to make all you NERF fans drool, but I do know that there will be NERF SuperSoaker Hydro Cannons and Tornado Strikes to give away!!!

You can win this!!! Hydro Cannon!

So make sure to load up, and I will see you there!!

Find out more about NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR here!


Your RM10 entry fee comes with a free drink or NERFTOUR badge. Also, those who have already paid their entry fees will get the "Assisted Reload" Advantage!!! Those of you who have not yet paid will have to donate an additional RM2 for that advantage. And you should, because the reload time is only 1 minute!

Tornado Strike to be given away!
And this time, Brien himself will be playing...hehe looking forward to playing with all you NERFTOUR fans!!!

NERF or Nothing!!!

Register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR here!

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