Monday, April 4, 2011

NERFTOUR2 Writeup!

NERFTOUR2. It can be defined as the beginning of a new era. Namely, high capacity automatic blasting.

It was like every match's first 20 seconds was an orange firestorm of darts just flooding the arena. Only the wise and quick survive the initial contact with the opponent.

Vulcans and Stampedes were the rule, not the exception.

I believe that the first NERFTOUR triggered an Arms Race among all the teams, with Veterans like LOEG, SHOTS, Spartan 117, all sporting increased firepower and more advanced weaponry.

Thank God for all the help that NERFTOUR2 got, and we always had a minimum of 4 referees to manage the mayhem.

During registration, the crowds attention was focused on the target board, for the NERFTOUR2 shooting competition, where the top shot would win a NERF Camo Ammo bag kit, including 50 Streamline Camo Darts.

This time the shooting distance was a good 2 feet further away (official distance is now 5 1/2 feet), so the participants found that getting 35 points for a single dart is not so easy after all.

At one point there were 3 participants tied for the lead at 120 points, and it was going to go down the wire.

Then Jason from defending champions SHOTS stepped up. 10. 35. 20. 20. 20. 20. And he got the highest score of the tournament, 125 points, winning only by 5.

The shooting competition also proved one thing: the best blaster to use for this kind of thing is a Maverick .

The first match of the day was 8th Cadiem v Jawbreakers. 8th Cadiem is the sister team of veterans Spartan 117, which suffered early defeat in NERFTOUR1. This time around, the played with finesse and strategy, and together with their improved weaponry, raced to a 2-0.5 lead.

However, Jawbreakers showed remarkable strength and resilience, and clawed all the way back to put the score at 2.5 - 2.5. The final match saw The 8th Cadiem scrape by with a win, to take the first game 3-2.5 and a place in the quarter finals.

Their sister team, Spartan 117, were shored up against NERFTOUR1 semifinalists, Commandos. Commandos were unfortunately missing their super vulcan which was the bane of opponents in NERFTOUR1; nevertheless, they won comfortably 3-1.5 against the outgunned Spartan 117, leading by strategy, awesome dodging, and great offensive tactics.

Red Scarf were a new team to participate in NERFTOUR, but they showed that they were no slouches, destroying the w.nerfer team AWS 3-0 for a smooth ride to the quarterfinals.

Myvi, a team all the way from Sabah, showed no signs of fear and tiredness as the sent rookie team Shooters packing 3-1.

LOEG and SHOTS received first round byes straight into the quarterfinals, with both teams displaying new blasters and tactics; the result was unfortunately a lopsided 3-0 whitewash, with the defending champions wrapping up the match quickly.

Another rookie team, Flaming Bullet, showed great promise and quick moves, but could do nothing against the Red Scarf onslaught, with Red Scarf showing themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, scoring a 3-0 flawless victory.

Madrigal were the renamed CLDR2 veteran team from NERFTOUR1, also received a bye to the quarter finals, and were immediately pummeled into a 2-0 submission by the rising force, Myvi. They showed great bravery and tactics to score 2 successive victories, including the fastest point of the tournament,   wiping out Myvi in 8 seconds,  clawing their way back to 2-2. Myvi however then showed why they came all the way here with determination, and wrapped up the match 3-2.

The 8th Cadiem's members came to avenge their sister team's first round defeat in NERFTOUR1, and they came out strong against Commandos, surprising them and racing to a 2-0 lead before Commandos regrouped and clawed 1 back to make it 2-1. This match had every one on their seats, and had the largest number of onlookers in the entire tournament. The 8th Cadiem had their eyes firmly on the prize, and drilled home the final point to defeat Commandos 3-1,  to book their place in the semifinals. 

The Semifinal matchup between Myvi and Red Scarf was a riveting and exciting match, because both teams had similar weapons and  team build. Myvi proved to be too strong for Red Scarf though, and after tying at 1-1, reeled away successive points to win 3-1 to earn a place in the finals.

The 8th Cadiem lost the first point the SHOTS, which decimated the ranks with vulcan fire. However, the 8th Cadiem came back for blood and scored the first flag capture of the tournament against the defending champions. SHOTS managed to hold their nerve and then won the next 2 points clinically to face off with Myvi in the finals.

The 3rd place deciding match saw Red Scarf overwhelming the 8th Cadiem 3-0.5.

The finals was an exciting nail biting affair. Myvi and SHOTS boasted the most advanced blaster arsenals of all the teams in NERFTOUR2, and it showed. It was raining darts in every match, as the fairytale runners Myvi tried to pummel the incumbent champions. Myvi responded to every point shots earned with a point themselves, including a 13-second wipeout of SHOTS to tie the game 2-2. The final point was a nail biter, but SHOTS managed to pull ahead and win the match and the title of NERFTOUR2 champions!

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