Sunday, April 24, 2011

NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR Registration Form

Fill up the form below to register for NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR. Entry fee of RM10 is payable.

{Bank in your entry fee, and you can get a friend to help you reload!!!}

 You may bank in the entry fee to one of the following accounts and let me know the time, date, and name of participants being paid for from your transaction via sms (012-6728900) or email (

 Public Bank 4-409-7249-21 (Brien Chia)
  Maybank 1148-4206-5038 (Brien Chia)

Those who bank in their entry fee or pass me their fee before the tournament day will receive the following perk:

"You can have 1 person help you reload during the 1 minute Reload Time"

If you want the perk on that day, you'll need to pay RM5 extra.

If form is not loading, please refresh he page (F5 key)


  1. i am quite interested when n where is it

  2. Event is held at Bukit Jalil Recreational Park on May 29th. Please click the link below for all the details!