Sunday, April 24, 2011

NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR Competition Rules and Format


1) Tournament will be a 1v1 competition

2) Matches will be played on a "first to 3 points" basis.

3) Matches will be based on a knockout format.

4) Points will be scored by either "Tag Out" or "Flag Capture"

5) Each Point will last 1 minute; There will be a 1 minute Reload Time between Points.

NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR Competition Rules:

1) No Melee. Any deliberate Melee action as judged by the referee will result in forfeiting a point and possible disqualification. Overagressive play will be cautioned and subject to the same penalties at the Referee's discretion.

2) All Blasters and darts are allowed, provided they pass the Legal test (No attachments with surface area from a single side larger than surface area of a Stampede Tactical Shield) and Safety Test. 

3) Only blasters, darts, and accessories that are carried into the match on the body of the participant at the beginning of the match are allowed into the match.

Eg: If you bring a Stampede, 3 18-dart Clips,  50 darts, and 2 Mavericks strapped on your body at the beginning of the match, these are the ONLY items you may use during the entirety of your match.

Eg. You cannot ask your friend to give you another blaster in the match.

4) Any blasters, darts, and accesories that are not on the person of the participant at the beginning of each point will not be allowed to be used from the remainder of the match. 

Eg. Continuation of Eg. in Rule #3: If at the beginning of your second point you only managed to reload the 2 Mavericks and collect 10 extra darts, and you put your Stampede and clips on the ground, you cannot use the stampede or the clips anymore. You may only use the Mavericks and darts you have on your person for the remainder of the match.

5) Picking up darts to reload from the ground during the point is ALLOWED.

6) No physical assistance may be given to the participants of any match by outsiders. It is the Participant's responsibility to ensure this doesn't happen. Any offense in regards to this rule will result in the same penalties as Rule #1.

Eg. Your friends / Parents are NOT allowed to help you reload, or give you blasters. They can scream or cheer for you though! ;-)

7) A "Tag" is defined as follows:

"Any dart, that has been launched through the air by a legal blaster from a participant in the match, and without striking anything else beforehand, strikes the person of a participant, or any accessories attached to the body of the participant, and substantially changes direction,  counts as a "Tag". This does not apply to darts striking the "Blaster in Hand". "

"Blaster in Hand" means the blaster that you are current holding and have the capacity to shoot with, and any attachments on that blaster itself (i.e: clips, Tactical Light, etc.)

Eg: If a dart grazes your hair and continues travelling in the same line as before, it is is NOT a "Tag.

Eg. If a dart bounces off the ground, barrier, or "Blaster in Hand" and hits you, it is NOT a "Tag"

Eg. If a dart hits your "Blaster in Hand", it is NOT a "Tag".

Eg. If a dart is thrown by hand and hits you, it is NOT a "Tag".

Eg. If a dart shot by someone not participating in the match hits you, it is NOT a "Tag"

8) A "Flag Capture" is defined as follows:

"If a participant finds himself in the position where there are BOTH his own designated flag AND his opponent's designated flag in his base, he will be awarded with a "Flag Capture". "

NERFTOUR: SURVIVOR Administration Rules:

Thanks for reading all the rules and stuff. Have fun!!!

Are you the Survivor?

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