Monday, April 11, 2011

For better NERF...Moving in to tag...

For those of you who have participated in a NERFTOUR event, congratulations veterans, for your commitment, and brilliant displays of skill, endurance and power!!!

Success in a NERFTOUR event requires a lot of skills, including techical, mental, and physical skills!

In This article, I would like brief all you NERFTOUR warriors on the importance and technique on MOVING correctly.

First off, I'd like to say something about a common misconception:

It is correct to move and shoot like a player in an FPS...But it is not as easy as it seems.

At when talking to NERFTOUR fans, I find that a lot of them say things like:

"I can play Call of Duty damn well, NERF no problem la!!"

"I play so much FPS, so easy. NERF also same!" 

As the results of NERFTOUR2 show (expecially to younglings who think that FPS is like NERF), playing FPS is NOT the same as competition in a NERFTOUR event.

It's MUCH tougher.

So here's some help!

First off...MOVING.

1) You need to make sure your gear and stuff are not restricting you from moving. 
You'll need to make sure your blasters and accessories are secured safely to your body, so that you can move without them spilling all over the battle field. For big blasters like the NERF Longstrike or Stampede, unless you're holding the blaster in your hands, you'll want to secure them with a shoulder strap, like the NERF Bandolier.

TIP: When using a Bandolier to strap on a big blaster, make sure it is loose enough to unsling quickly, but short enough to avoid swaying around too much.

Most people should be going for a Primary/Secondary blaster setup, so you shouldn't be using a sling too much except when using a heavy blaster (i.e. Vulcan, Titan) or when drawing your secondary.

For Secondary blasters and ammo, make yourself an ammo belt, or you could get a NERF Tactical Vest to store all your ammo and NERF secondary like the Spectre, Barricade, or Maverick for quick draw capability. I've heard that the NERF Tactical Vest can be modified to sheath a big blaster on the back for quick draw, but I haven't seen such a thing in action yet.

The key thing is to keep your blasters and accessories secure yet easy to use, and make sure they do not impede movement.

2) Correct technique for running and moving

If you have played Call of Duty, and seen how your character runs and then takes aim, that's exactly the way you're supposed to move and shoot with NERF. No Difference whatsoever. However, to actually do it means, keeping calm, making sure when you run, your blaster is secure in your hands, and when you shoot, you actually look down the sight, and never shoot single handed (you'll always miss).

TIP: It is not so important on how exactly you run, just that it should be easy to get into the following positions:

standing posture

kneeling posture.

Just don't do this....

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