Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Latest News!

After the March 5 DBKL fiasco, NERFTOUR2 is now back on track for April 2, 2011 (Saturday).

Here's proof of the permit :-D (Took a lot of work to get it, had to drive to some ulu place.)

However, in getting this permit, DBKL collected a rental fee of RM200 from me, so I'll need to raise the entry fee to RM30 per team, which is still reasonable, considering all the time I put in, and the value of the prizes to be given away!

Prices for badges and drinks will remain at RM2.

A new game will be played at NERFTOUR2: Each player may pay RM1 to shoot 6 darts at the NERFTOUR target board. Person with highest score at the end of the tournament will get a NERF Camouflage Ammo Pouch including 50 Streamline darts - a RM80 value!


  1. I like the RM1 target game; can play multiple times? Regards, Lance.

  2. Yes, can play as many times as you want!!!