Friday, March 4, 2011

Combat Tip #2: Commander?

   NERFTOUR standard events are a 4v4 team match. This means that NOBODY operates alone. This also means that you need to appoint a COMMANDER.

   You might be thinking, why do you need a commander? The simple reason being someone must take responsibility for strategy. If not, NO ONE WILL!

  If you think you don't need strategy to play in NERFTOUR, you're going to be tagged before you even blink.

  So what must a commander do? He or she must not assume he's better than the others. In fact, his purpose is now to protect his minions and lead them to victory. Failing that, he will send them to their deaths.

   The Commander must always survey the tactical information on the battlefield, process the new information as the battle rages on, and make decisions that will allow his team to achieve a decisive advantage.

  Example: If Team A  sees that Team B is rushing, Team A's commander must prepare an effective response: fall back and defend? Flank? Counter Rush? Try a high risk outside flag capture? If you read the first line in this paragraph carefully, you would have seen that the amount of TIME for the commander to make a decision is about 1 SECOND. That's right.

example of some hand signals. 
   In the above example, what would happen if Team A's Commander did not coordinate the movements of his team? Simple, there would be chaos and Team A would be ELIMINATED. The Fact that the whole of Team B is rushing means that there is coordination in that attack, from the Team B commander to his troops.

   So you can see, it's not easy being a commander. But someone must take his place, and be a light for his team. Is it you? Commanders are taking high risks. They will be celebrated for superior tactics in victory. Or be humiliated and blamed for defeat.

   If you're not a commander, then what are you supposed to do? A trooper is supposed to do 3 things:
Relay important information to the commander (eg. If you see the opposition is flanking left, tell your commander!); Carry out Commander Commands without hesitation; and use all your skills, weapons, and training, to stay alive! (or in the case of NERFTOUR, not get tagged).

In a NERFTOUR team, the the value of the whole is more than the sum of it's parts. If your team functions as a coherent and coordinated unit, you will win NERFTOUR.

This link is useful for signaling and coordination.

These might help too. ;-)

P.S: watch the "Teamwork" video to see some live tactics in use by CLDR1 in NERFTOUR1 to defeat Commandos.

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