Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Videos from NERFTOUR1

Seems like no one actually posted their videos to Youtube, but I provide below the links to NERFTOUR1 fan recorded videos!!!

The Final Shot (Finals, AWS vs CLDR1)

A Weird Shriek (FInals, AWS vs CLDR1)

Teamwork (Semifinals, Commandos vs CLDR1)

Friendly Fire (Semifinal qualifier, Commandos vs LOEG)

Intensity (Semifinals, Commandos vs CLDR1)

Flag defended (Quarterfinals, CLDR1 vs Far Cue)

Dancing (Quarterfinals, I.I.U. vs The Blaze)

Sharphooting (Target shooting, Semifinals qualifying, Jason from CLDR1)

Briefing (Before Tournament)

If any of you have any more videos from NERFTOUR1, just send me a message or comment!

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