Thursday, February 10, 2011


You can check out the complete list of teams here

NERFMALAYSIA Online Contest Results (25th Nov 2011)

1st place: Matthew Lu
2nd Place: Jason Chia
3rd Place: Brien Chia
Top Shot: Jason Chia

NERFTOUR2 (2nd April 2011)
1st Place: SHOTS (formerly known as CLDR1)
2nd Place: Myvi
3rd Place: The Red Scarf
4th Place: The 8th Cadiem
Top Shot: Jason Chia

NERFTOUR (8th Jan 2011)
1st Place: CLDR 1  (RM50 cash prize)
2nd Place: A.W.S.
Semi-Finalists: Commandos, The Blaze
Top Shot: Jason Chia

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