Thursday, February 3, 2011

COMBAT TIP #1: Know your Weapon

If you all remember NERFTOUR1, CLDR1 beat AWS 3-2. I actually expected CLDR 1 to beat AWS 3-0, but AWS showed great spirit to come back from 2-0 down.

Now, I have personally led and coached and trained my local NERF group for a while, And some vital techniques and movements are necessary to excel in this painfree representation of warfare. the same rules apply.

You can't learn to play NERF by playing Call Of Duty, Counterstrike, or other computer games, because in the virtual world, all of you have awesome weapons that are accurate and reliable, have the fitness levels of a US marine, and have health bar. in the real world, and in NERFTOUR, all you got are your guts and your guns. And most importantly, your FRIENDS!

I'm going to do a series of writeups that will help in combat situations, as well as teamwork and personal training.

Please note that if you really want to use these techniques in combat, you must TRAIN.  no easy way to become good.

For this First Tip: Using your NERF.

You should play with your NERF in such a way, that you know every single way to deal with it...How to clear a jam? fastest way to reload? most effiecient way to prime the blaster? any particular unique characteristics of your blaster you should know? Range? ammo capacity?

In NERF, not knowing this would mean you're using an unfamiliar blaster, and you will never get full potential from your NERF. In real life and real guns, the difference is life and death.

You know why it's easy to play a computer shooter? Because if you watch the reloading sequences, or the way you hold the gun in the game, or the way you prime it: it's all PERFECT.  in real life, it takes months of training to be able to do all that so effieciently. So, do it. Learn how to wield your weapon inside out.

And you will get many, MANY more tags!

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