Sunday, January 9, 2011


Thank you everyone who made the Nerf Tournament at Bukit Jalil a success!

I especially would like to thank my dad for helping me sponsor the PA system and a portion of the expenditures, as well as helping with the setting up.

Thanks to to my girlfriend Ashley and the CLDR troops for helping me set up and later take down all the apparatus!

Thanks to Richard and Matthias for helping me officiate the event. It would have been impossible without you guys.

Thanks to all the donors who put in more than RM20...

Thanks to all the participants who showed up and participated. Especially those who still stayed on and cheered even after being eliminated.

Congratulations to CLDR 1 and AWS for being the champions and finalists respectively. Was a really epic final match, down to the last shot!

Congratulations to 'The Blaze" and "Commandos" for reaching the semifinals.

Congratulations to Jason Chia and Joseph Wong for winning 1st and 2nd place in the Top Shot contest, with scores of 160 and 135 respectively.

Would like to thank the staff and users of Bukit Jalil International Park for providing the venue, even though we did not alias with you directly. Thanks!!!

Thanks to NERF for making such fun blasters! (could be cheaper though, or could sponsor me next time!)

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