Sunday, January 2, 2011

Battle tips!!!

1) Wear rugged appropriate clothing and shoes. We'll be playing on grass, which might be quite slick. and if you are the rough and tumble type, you'd want long pants or jeans to absorb the shocks from the ground as you roll around.

2) If possible, please wear eye protection.

3) accuracy is paramount in this tournament. Practice your accuracy shooting at home, especially deflection and angled shots.

4) Fresh darts may make a huge difference in combat.

5) Snap shooting (bursting out from cover and firing, then back to cover) is a very valuable skill.

6) Staying alive in combat relies on 3 things: Cover use, Movement, and Teamwork.

7) Rushing must be a coordinated effort by the whole team, in order to be effective.

8) Remember there's a flag to capture too! Don't focus on just tagging all the opposing players, especially since there's a time limit.

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