Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wandering NERFer!

This Registration for is for NERFers who have no team or would like to be placed in a Random Team on Tournament Day. Latest Event Details are HERE.

For all you NERFers with no team?

No team? no problem!!!

just come to the tournament and register your name before the deadline of 345pm. After that, we will call all off you together, and you may form ad hoc teams to participate in the tournament! so please come early!!!

If you can however, PLEASE use this form to sign up and a wandering NERFer and email it to me ( or PM me on facebook (Brien Chia)

For those with a team, PLEASE send your registration form to me to reduce the amount of time spent by registering at the tournament. then when you come, you don't need to register anymore.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Things to remember on Tournament Day!!!

Let's keep this event fun and safe ok!!!

1) Please try to wear eye protection (Eg. NERF dart tag goggles). 

2) Please be prepared for the weather: Bring sunblock and hats for possible hot weather; Bring umbrellas and raincoats for possible wet weather. If weather is not favorable, event will be called off. 

3) Note to adults and parents: If possible, please bring a first aid kit. 

4) Please make sure your guns are marked with your name and telephone number clearly. or add a keychain tag or something. 

5) Recommended clothing would be long pants and a comfortable t shirt, as well as shoes. We will be playing on grass. 

The thing about darts!!!

The thing is, all the past nerf wars involve everyone bringing their own darts and pooling, these darts will be redistributed back at the end of the game.

For the nerf tournament,

1) bring your own darts, and write down the number on the registration form when you register.

2) During play, darts may be taken from the central pool for the first match only. At the end of each point, players may only pick darts off the ground to reload.

3) End of each match, the teams should pick up as many darts as possible from the ground and add them back to the pool.

4) End of tournament, darts will be redistributed back to owners from the pool. Any loss will be allocated by percentage (Eg. 10% darts missing, you brought 10 darts, end of tournament you will get 9 back).

I hope this helps.

This event is a not for profit event, all donations collected (darts included) will be pooled and used for the good of the community.

I'm afraid we cannot keep tabs all the time on who steals darts. I pray and hope that everyone will uphold a high ethical standard and keep this event a resounding success.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

List of Marshalls/Volunteers!!

Please note that marshalls must read the Actions and procedures for handling the match from the link below.

To be a volunteer, please email me (

On match day (29th May 2011), please come at 1300. I'll be there around 1200 in order to set up and stuff.

List of Volunteers confirmed:

1) Brien Chia

2) Chan, Daniel

3) Don Harris

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Possible tournament maps!

Keep in mind the game format will be a CTF/team tagmatch combo.

Also, Tournament area will be roughly the size of a basketball court.

Here are a few suggestions:

If you want to propose a map layout you can email a jpeg image to me:

I only have 10 barriers so you can only draw 10 lines like the above maps

Maps should be reasonably balanced.

the Map will be selected by the team of marshalls.

submit via email to or PM me on Facebook.

You may copy my images to form a basis.