Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nerf Tournament Competition rules

Updated 17th Nov 2011

NERFTOUR important rules:

1. No melee. Any deliberate aggression idientified by the marshall will result in the entire team of the offender being disqualified. No refund of the competition fee will be given. 

2. Please bring your own blasters and darts if required by that event.

NERFTOUR Blaster, darts, and accessories rules: 

1. All Blasters that shoot foam projectiles are allowed.

2. All blasters must pass safety test conducted by referees.

3. All accessories must attach to blaster. Legal test: their surface area from a single side must not exceed the surface area of a Stampede Blast Shield.

4. You are allowed to bring as many blasters, accessories, and darts as desired into the arena.

5. You are allowed to drop your blasters, accessories, and darts for other participants to pick up and use in battle.

6. If you have been tagged out, you are allowed to offer your blaster to others for their use in battle.

7. You are allowed to pick up and use darts found on the arena in battle.

8. Shields are allowed, size not above 30 by 21 inches. Shield bearers are not allowed to tag opponents, nor capture flag. They are allowed to switch between shield and normal combat, but they are only allowed to shoot when the shield is no longer held by the player.

NERFTOUR Tag rules:

1. Only darts fired from participants in a match may be considered as "live" darts.

2. Darts that rebound off any surface are considered "dead" darts after the rebound. (i.e. ricochets do not count)

3. A Tag is called if:

A. A live dart strikes any part of the person of the participant and substantially changes direction (i.e. grazes don't count).

B. A live dart strikes any attachments or accessories or clothing on the person of the participant and substantially changes direction (i.e. a live dart striking a blaster on a participants back counts as a tag).

C. A live dart strikes a taken Flag that the participant is carrying.

Exception: If a blaster is in your hands and can be used for combat, then it does not count as part of your body, and darts hitting your blaster DO NOT count as a tag. Hence darts hitting your "blaster in hand" do not count.

Note: Eg. Holding a Shield or Clip not attached to a blaster does not protect you because they do not count as "blaster in hand". So if you use just a clip or drum magazine to hit away darts, it will be considered a hit.

4. Friendly fire counts as a tag out.

5. If you hear yourself being called out, please put your hands on your head and leave the arena. If not, the referees will drag you out. If you refuse to listen to the referees, the referees may take appropriate action.

6. Please note the color of your vest and your number.

NERFTOUR Arena rules:

1. participants that leave the boundaries of the arena area considered tagged.

2. Barriers or obstacles on the arena are not to be moved by the participants. Doing so will initiate action by the referees.


  1. Can we use custom made riot shields during Nerf Tour ? Thanks :D

  2. that rule is still being debated...most likely you can, up to a certain size, and cannot capture flag or carry blaster.

    Please don't comment annonymously. Thanks.

  3. Can we use the new Vortex series blasters in NerfTour?

  4. yes you can! but ammo not provided for vortex