Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NERF tournament Administration rules

Administration rules:

1. Teams are to comprise of a maximum of 4 players on the field of play. There is no minimum number of players. This means that if you want to join the tournament but you only have 2 members, you can!

2. All teams must register before playing. Please hold on to your receipt for verification purposes. Each team should pay the full registration fee regardless of number of people on team.

3. The Organiser and supporting volunteers and staff are not responsible for any injuries or loss of personal belongings during the competition. Although every effort will be made to ensure this is a safe and fun event, please remember to be wary of your fitness, loved ones, and belongings.

By participating in this event, you agree to indemnify NERFMALAYSIA from any and all litigation resulting from injury / mishaps/ unfortunate events during the event.

We will attempt to prepare an area to place your belongings so that someone can keep an eye on the stuff, but please check your stuff at all times.

4. Teams must be prompt when summoned for their matches. Any team that does not turn up for their match after being summoned at appointed time will be disqualified. A grace period of 2 minutes will be observed for the team to gather up.

5. Teams should be responsible for the loading and care of your blasters and ammo. At the end of each match, the participants for that match should attempt to pick up as many darts as they can from the competition grounds and place them in the collection bin provided.

Darts will be distributed back to their respective owners at the end of the day. The organiser is not responsible for any losses of darts. Please be fair and take only the correct number of darts home (or leave a few behind as support for the tournament).

6. Each team must register the number of darts they will be bringing to the tournament. At the end of the tournament, each team my attempt to collect their darts back from the admin desk. Please note that even though we will try to pick up as many darts as possible to minimize losses, unfortunately losses of darts will be inevitable.

7. Everyone is supposed to maintain orderly conduct and behavior at all times. Any untoward behavior as identified by the marshalls will result in disqualification for the offender's team. Also, please be fair and take only your own belongings.

8. Please remember that even though there will be marshalls to view the games, please play fairly and responsibly. If you are a hit by a dart, please call yourself out and leave the playing area.

9) A player may join as many teams as they like!!! the rule is as follows:

    Scenario: Player A joins both team 1 and team 2,
                   If team 1 and team 2 meet, Player A is not allowed to play.

10) No need to wear similarly colored jerseys as vests will be provided. If you want to wear your own team's colors, please affix a number from 1-6 on your team kit's front and back clearly and prominently.

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