Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NERF Marshall briefings

1. Marshalls must be fast, firm and focused, not distracted by the action, but staying focused to survey their respective zones of jurisdiction

2. Marshalls are advised to be particular attentive to rush movements by the players. Follow closely and note ORDER OF HIT. Your fairness and accuracy is crucial to the fun of the game.

3. Marshalls are required to come earlier for practical briefing.

4. Each Marshall will be issued a whistle. Please hold your whistle in your hand at all times to be ready to blow. Please note the following commands:

   1. Single short beep + pointing at affected player + shout " <color> <Number>, out!"
        This is to call a player out. they should put their hands or their head and quickly leave the playing area. The game goes on and is not stopped.

    Eg. Red 4 out!!!

  2. multiple quick beep + waving arms and hands horizontally
       This command calls a serious penalty that requires the play to be halted and all marshalls should then discussed what has happened and act accordingly.

   3. single long beep + say "point to ______ team!"
        Calls end of a point, and gives point to winning team. This is performed when all players for 1 team has been eliminated, or there are 2 flags in 1 teams' base, signifying successful flag capture.

   4. three long beep + say "victory to ______ team!"
      This command signifies end of that match and gives the match victory to a team. Please note that after that the winning team should approach the admin desk with the head marshall and sign off their victory for progress through the tournament.

5. Marshalls are to not to interfere in a match unless there is an injury or there is an unsavory incident that requires intervention.

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