Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Competition Format

NERFTOUR Tournament Format:

Tournament will be on a knockout basis or Swiss system (depending on number of teams)

Teams will be randomly distributed.

NERFTOUR Match Format:

Match will be played as a combination Capture the Flag / Tagmatch.

Teams will play games of 2 minutes against each another team.

There will be a reload time of 1 or 2 minutes between games.

NERFTOUR Scoring Format

A game is won when:

1) All the opposing players have been tagged out; OR

2) Flag of the opposing team has been successfully captured (2 flags in home base)

The winner of a game will earn a point.

The loser of a game will earn zero points.

A draw may be called if:

1) Time runs out, with neither team achieving the objectives stated above; OR

2) The last players from each team simultaneously tag each other out.

A draw would split the points between the 2 teams (i.e. 0.5 points to each team).

Consecutive draws will earn additional 1 points (Eg. 2nd draw in a row; 1.5 point to each team)

First team to score 3 points or more wins the match.


  1. Only dart tag guns are allowed?

  2. All NERF blasters that shoot foam darts are allowed.

  3. Does AR removed nerf guns aloud